A Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome Story

We’ll let this story speak for itself, but just a few words of mention. There are times when we are blessed enough to be able to care for people with pain or symptoms that have a complex and lengthy history and help them rather quickly. Other times, the healing process may take some time. No doctor can ever really know exactly this process before beginning to work with an individual because, like them, their life is unique.

As a chiropractor in Gilbert, I’m among a population of active and busy families. We get to see mothers, children, babies, grandmothers and dads all working and playing, doing as much as they can to enjoy their lives. So, it is always a treat when we can play some small part in another’s healing journey and help keep families healthy together. Here’s one of our favorites from the sciatica treatment category…

“I was referred to Dr. Mike Funicello after enduring excruciating pain for over seven months.  I had already tried six different Dr.’s and while they were able to help me get to a certain level they were not able to get rid of my pain.  I had suffered from a very bad fall and had injured the left side of my body and fractured two discs in my back.  I was still suffering from Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome and bad spasms in my spine.  I was not able to sit and walking was barely manageable.  My life was barely tolerable because of the pain.  For seven months, I had lived day to day on very strong pain pills and could barely manage to get our of bed, much less walk.  This was not the way I wanted to live the rest of my life.

I have been in network care for two months and the changes have been amazing!  I can now stand straight!  I now can walk, I can sit and I can also lay down and be comfortable.  While I still have a limited amount of pain and am still stiff and sore at times, I no longer have to take pain pills.  Finally, I am able to get my life back on track.  I am so much more aware of my body!  I am so much more in tune to what my body is telling me and I am learning to listen to my body.  I am so much more aware now of my body and how emotions and stress played a significant factor in my not being able to get rid of the pain.

My emotions have changed from a very negative out look to one of joy and happiness and contentment and I am looking forward to the future once again.  My happy spirit is back once more and I can laugh, I can live each moment and enjoy my life for the first time in nine months without excruciating pain.

What I enjoy most about the Network Care at Infinite Healing Arts Center is that I am getting well!  I am learning so much from Dr. Mike Funicello about how much body awareness plays a vital role in wellness.  I am so grateful that he is so patient and so knowledgeable and so efficient and effective in his practice.  His treatments have been so effective that I am now on the road to wellness.  These treatments really do work.

I have come a long way from my very first visit that I had with Dr. Mike.  When I went in I was so skeptical as to how he could help me in my condition; I could not grasp how the treatment could help me with my injuries and how he could possibly get rid of my pain.  Two months later I am now a firm believer!  Going to Dr. Mike has turned my life around!  This has been and continues to be a life altering, positive experience for me.”

~Dorene R., Gilbert

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