Gilbert chiropractor familyThat’s me, Dr. Michael J. Funicello, your Gilbert chiropractor and health maverick with my wife and son.  My family practice, Infinite Healing Arts Center, opened in 1998. My personal story is down below.

Background and Education

Dr. Funicello is currently one of very few practitioners in Arizona with Part III certification, the most advanced level of certification in this work.  His commitment to providing the highest level of care possible to the members of his practice has Dr. Funicello traveling several times throughout each year learning the latest advances and developments in his field.

Dr. Funicello received his bachelor of science degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Arizona in 1993.  He received his doctorate, graduating with salutatorian honors, from Palmer College of Chiropractic – West in 1997.

He has lived in Arizona since 1977.  He and his wife, Maria, along with their son, Myles, live in Gilbert, AZ.  When he is not serving the members of his practice, Dr. Mike enjoys woodworking, creating metal sculpture, softball, outdoor pursuits, traveling and spending time with his friends and growing family here in the valley.

“How Can Chiropractic Care Help Me?”… you might be wondering

chiropractor and his son

This is my son at 2 years old ‘practicing’. Imagine how good he’ll be later! 🙂

Your health is based upon these four basic principles.

1. Your body is self-healing and self-regulating. Your heart beats, your GI system breaks down foods, creating your new cells and tissues.  Your immune system fights disease and helps you to recover from illness and wounds. Your cells and tissues are in a constant state of change and repair. In fact, 98% of the cells in the tissues of your body are new every year!

2. Your nervous system is the master coordinating system. The relay station between your brain and body.  It is responsible for the messages getting from your body to your brain and vice versa. It coordinates all of the functions for a normal and vibrant state of health.

3. Interference disrupts the natural flow. If there is any interference in the function of nervous system’s ability to do this, it will not be able to do what it is designed and programmed to do.  It will do its own thing.  Sound familiar?

4. Chiropractic removes the interference. My job as your chiropractor is to restore order to the nervous system by removing whatever interference there is. Makes sense, right?

In our office, we do this with a specific and gentle technique. The name “Network Chiropractic” refers to what was a culmination of the ‘best of the best’ applications of various chiropractic techniques ‘networked’ into one clinical application.  These results have been repeated in people of all backgrounds, health conditions and ages and the research from the University of California at Irvine College of Medicine describing these findings has been published.

What Do People Feel and How Quickly Does Chiropractic Work?

So, whether individuals were experiencing low back pain, sciatica, wanted headache or migraine relief, fibromyalgia pain, GI complaints, anxiety, emotional stress and tension or generally felt like there was more to life than living in pain, this care was helpful.  Is this a ‘cure-all’?  How can these types of claims be made?

The reason why chiropractic is so beneficial for a wide variety of conditions is because it is addressing your challenges and health issues at the level of your nervous system.  By working with this coordinating system of your body, it is common for a variety of symptoms and varying health conditions to change. You see, we don’t look to the symptom for the answer, we look to remove the interference to your body’s own inborn program.

As individuals, with unique lives and events that shape our experiences and health responses, the results can be rather quick or may take a bit longer to notice.  Significant changes are taking place from your first visit and most people notice changes within their first several weeks to first month of care.

It is common to be seen several times each week in the beginning of care as your body begins the recovery process.  Then, as progress is made, it is possible to reduce the frequency of your care plan in the office.

Chiropractic works!

Chiropractors combine their clinical assessments of spinal and body alignment, posture, biomechanics and other exam findings with patients’ self-assessments of various health challenges to determine the best course of care.  Doctors of chiropractic seek to help your body restore its natural order so your innate intelligence can do its job. There are no other health professionals that do what chiropractors do. So, if this all makes sense to you, contact us about making your initial consultation.  We look forward to seeing you!

My Personal Story

While my wife and I were living in New Zealand for a brief time exploring a professional opportunity some years ago, I met a colleague who was practicing a very unique style of chiropractic. There are many different chiropractic techniques and approaches.

There were some interesting findings that came from the unique consultation and analysis that went on during that visit with him that fateful day.  I’m committed to excellence in all that I do.  I’m a very detail-oriented person and this serves my patients well.

While I was observing my colleague make these very gentle taps and touches along certain places of this individual’s spine, I noticed some amazing things happening.

This person was not only breathing deeper but I could see their body literally unwinding its tension in front of my eyes, lying there fully clothed on the chiropractic table!

It was like their body was being ‘reset’ with these gentle taps at specific places – like the click of a mouse or touch on your tablet can change the entire screen you see.

In that moment, I literally felt like my calling in this profession was awakening again!

The rest as they say, is history.

Upon returning to the United States (Arizona), I was led to my own personal discovery with this transformational work.  I began attending seminars and traveling frequently for continuing education.  I’m proud to say that this same care that I offer to the patients who come to see me is what my family and I receive to stay healthy and well.