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Isn’t an answered prayer just one of those magical things in life? A true blessing, really. Well, the opportunity to be on the ‘other’ end of a prayer can be a very humbling experience as well. As a chiropractor in Gilbert, I get to hear a lot of amazing and inspiring stories from people of all walks of life. Along those lines, here’s what someone recently shared with us…

“I was traveling over a long weekend and my neck, shoulders, and back locked up.  My doctor called in prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory – I took the medication for four days, but nothing changed.  When I returned home I came in for Network Care.  During the treatment I felt a strong vibration going back and forth across my lower back and the tingling a the top of my head.  After lying on my back, I could feel the energy rushing up and down my spine.  Dr. Mike then had me sit up and straddle the table – a great feeling rushed through my entire body – I felt euphoric!  The pain I had been feeling over the past five days was completely gone and then I had a vision.  The vision was an answer to prayer.  I had been praying for several weeks, asking God for a clear answer about a situation in my life, after the vision, the direction was clear”

~Diana H., Gilbert

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