Back and Neck Pain

From time to time, we ask people to share their stories with us regarding their experience in our office. At times, we ask them some standard questions and then detail their responses. This is what we did here to get a very succinct and truthful response from one of our long-time clients to our Gilbert chiropractic office. If you can relate with Irene and her chronic back pain, contact us today and set up your initial visit so you can get started on the road to recovering your health and life again. Enjoy!

What did you used to feel like?

“Hell.  I always felt like a fleet of trucks had run over me.  For months all I wanted to do was lay in bed or sit in my chair.  I was unable to stand for a long period of time so we ate out a lot as cooking was a big chore.”

How do you feel now?

“Much better.  I can get out of bed and chairs without pain.  It used to hurt so bad to turn over in bed.  My back and shoulders was always in pain.  Now I can go for walks, shopping without a lot of discomfort.  If I over-do it – I know my limits – I hurt the next day so I try to do as I should.  I’m a long way from being in the health I know I can be but I’m a lot better than I was 2 years ago. “

~Irene P., Gilbert

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