Bed Wetting Treatment: Your Chiropractic Alternative

If your child is at ‘that’ age where you don’t think they should be wetting the bed anymore, but you can’t find a more physical or organic cause, chiropractic may be a viable option.  Nocturnal enuresis, as it is known ‘medically speaking’ is very often a common situation.  Most girls by 6 and boys by 7 should be able to stay dry throughout the night.  As chiropractors, we are trained to look for and correct changes in spinal distortions, dysfunction and nerve system disturbance that may be affecting your child’s ability to regulate their bladder appropriately.

You already know how disruptive this can be to your child and your life.  They feel insecure and ashamed by the issue and you have to constantly be washing sheets, pajamas and all the rest.  Meanwhile, you feel like something is ‘wrong’ with your child or that it is your fault in some way.  Sleepovers, camping and all of the other activities that require your child to be out of their ‘safe zone’ worry you and your child.  It’s totally normal to feel this way but that doesn’t mean you want it to stay that way.


bed wetting and chiropracticHow To Stop Bed Wetting

Since sleep is when the autonomic or ‘automatic’ aspects of the nervous system are more engaged in the recuperative and restorative states, breathing is automatic, digestion is automatic and the eliminative states are also being processed, it can be an area to look at.

The childs nervous system is developing at such a rapid rate at this stage. There are also many ways that the spine and nerves that pass through your child’s spine and rest of the body can be disturbed.  By disturbed, I mean to say that the communication between the brain and body happens via the nervous system.  This consists of the brain, spinal cord and all of the nerves that exit the spine and travel to all parts of the body.

When the nerves that regulate bladder tone and function are interfered with in any way, this can lead to issues with bed wetting.  Because your child can consciously feel when they need to go to the bathroom while awake, this isn’t an issue during the day.

It could be that there are structural issues that have created this scenario or it could be from mental and emotional stress.  There are any number of ways that your child may be expressing this type of tension that you have in your own life or household.  Much the same way that you may be experiencing back pain, headaches, GI symptoms, anxiety and the like.  These are often the result of the mental, emotional or psychological demands of our lives these days.

It’s just as possible, as mentioned, that a sports injury, fall or other physical cause of spinal distortion could be leading to the pressure, twisting, pulling or compression of the delicate nerve tissue that is underlying your child’s issue.

You may be wondering why you haven’t heard about this from your doctor or pediatrician. The answer has more to do with their personal understanding of this issue and their willingness to refer you and your child to a chiropractor.  There are still many misconceptions regarding chiropractic care and what it is all about.

There are also many different styles of chiropractic available.  Some rely on a more manipulative-based approach, while others are more gentle in their approach.  At Infinite Healing Arts, we offer a style known as Network Spinal Analysis that is very gentle and effective in its approach.  We’ve cared for people in their 90s and others in their first few weeks of life. From childhood asthma, ear infections, ADHD, and more complex disorders like autism and other spectrum disorders. The goal is always the same: help the nervous system to be free of tension that is interfering with the messages between brain and body.

If you’d rather not have your children on some new drug for this issue (if there isn’t one, now, there probably will be sometime) or you just like the idea of helping the body to heal itself, then contact us and learn how we can help you and your child today.

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