Who Is the Best Chiropractor in Gilbert Arizona?

When it comes to these sorts of questions, how do you find the answer that you’re looking for?  Online reviews might be one place you look.  But, is this really how you look for your doctor? Another way is by getting a personal recommendations from a friend or family – maybe from Facebook, Twitter, in person over lunch, etc.

This can be the best way if you know nothing of the doctor, the type of person they are or the type of care they provide because you trust your friend or family member.  So, rather than boast that “Dr. Mike Funicello is the best chiropractor in Gilbert, Arizona”, you be the judge.  Read on to learn how our office might be the perfect fit for you.

Who Is Dr. Mike?

Dr. Michael Funicello

Here I am sitting on my grandpa’s lap while he plays me the harmonica.

That’s me, sitting on my grandpa’s knee many years ago.  I decided to be a chiropractor when I grew up!  My dreams of playing harmonica in a traveling band were changed for a higher calling. Ha, imagine that! Follow this link to learn more about me and what we do in our office.

I’ve been in private practice in the field of chiropractic since 1998, serving the communities of the southeast valley. That’s a long time and I’m looking forward to many more!

The point is, I’ve been doing this work for quite some time.  During that time, I’ve come across hundreds of different types of conditions, symptoms, complaints, struggles, health challenges or crises and other issues facing my patients.

I want you to know that you’re not just some folder or ‘case’ that gets filed away after you’re feeling better.  You actually become part of something, part of our ‘office family’.

Maybe it’s part of my Italian family roots thing, but it’s just the way I care about the people who come to be for help. That might sound corny to you, but it’s true.  I take as good care of you as I do my own family – some of whom you’re likely to run into and meet in my office as they regularly come in for care, too.  If you’re looking for an office with this type of atmosphere, then Infinite Healing Arts Center is your answer.

Affordable Chiropractic

I can tell you right off the bat that if you are just interested in a quick pop or crack, then you should definitely keep looking for that cheapest chiropractor in Gilbert.  But, do you really want to trust your health to the cheapest doctor in town?

This shouldn’t confuse you into thinking that our fees are so high that it isn’t affordable.  In fact, the office fees allow us to provide affordable chiropractic with the highest level of service and caring around.  That sounds like some kind of sound bite or slogan as you read it, but I will openly put my level of care and dedication to helping you against any doctor in the Valley.

In fact, our office is one of only 10 (at the time of this writing) in the entire state offering the type of care we do.  Our office is convenient for people living in Mesa, some parts of Chandler (you know how the roads can get), Tempe, Scottsdale and obviously Gilbert.  We have people that drive to see us from Anthem and Maricopa because of the care they receive with us.  There’s plenty of examples of these personal success stories on our site for you to read if you like.

What Makes Us Unique?

unique There is a ‘What to Expect‘ page on our site above that was created specifically to help address this question, because I think it is that important. The only thing I can say is that the care you receive comes from the heart, there’s just no other way to put it.

People come to us for ongoing care to continue living their best life because they understand how regular care is as important as the food they’re eating and the exercise they’re doing.

I simply will not give up until you are living a better, more enjoyable, healthier life!

No matter what it takes, I will commit that to you.  This doesn’t mean more care, more supplements, a different type of adjustment, therapy or latest gadget to use on you.

What it DOES mean is that you are a whole person, with emotions, habits, concerns and stresses that live outside of our office.  It would be unfair to you and incomplete care, in my opinion, not to help you get those aspects addressed as well.  You’ll get a sense of this when you complete your comprehensive health assessment intake forms.  We really want to know what is going on in your life so that we can get to the very bottom of what is happening.  This way, we can best help you.  Makes sense, yes?

Do I Have to Come Forever?

This is a fair question.  It’s one of those ‘urban myths’ of chiropractic that we’ve done a poor job of answering directly.  The only way to completely answer the question is to give you some personal examples and analogies and then let you come to your own conclusions.

If you thought that you only had a bone that was out of place, then you might think “once this bone gets put back, I’ll be fine and don’t need to come back”.  Sounds about right, yes?  Well, yes, IF that was what was going on, I’d agree.  The problem is, this isn’t what is going on, it is much more complex.

While this does occur, as in the case of a herniated disc that is protruding into your nerve root exiting your spinal canal, it is just not the most common reason to have back pain, neck pain, headaches or any number of other symptoms.  In fact, many people with a herniated disc, have no symptoms.  How can this be?  It is because there are ‘other’ factors to consider.

A better analogy would be one of having your teeth checked and cleaned regularly, eating a healthy diet or exercising.  What do all of these have in common?  That’s right, you do them on a regular basis to achieve the results you want and expect from them.

Chiropractic care is like dental care and hygiene of your spine.

Since your spine is intimately connected and related to your nervous system (including your brain, spinal cord and all of your nerves extending to your organs), it only makes sense to keep it functioning well.  So, you should only come as long as you want to have your nervous system working its best, most optimum level.  My family and I – and a large majority of my practice, I might add – choose to receive this care regularly, too.  It’s not just because I told them to either.  It’s because they see the results of receiving care! 

This is what really matters to you anyway, right?

Your nervous system is what helps you to adapt more effectively to stress and the demands of life, whether those are physical, mental, emotional, psychological or biochemical. If you don’t work, have a relationship made in heaven, have no kids, have all the money you could imagine, feel supported in all aspects of your life and are otherwise perfect, then you will probably respond really quickly and have the need for much less care than other people who live on planet Earth. 🙂

If you are someone who skates by in life, then you probably don’t pay much attention to your diet, physical fitness or things like dental hygiene.  It wouldn’t even matter how much research or ‘proof’ we could provide to you – you’d still make poor choices regarding your health.  While I’m not trying to judge this type of lifestyle, I’m just saying that this type of person is not a good candidate for our office.

The reason is because we care for the heck out of you and if you don’t do this for yourself already, then we won’t make a great team or fit for you.

Okay, I can tell this article is getting quite long and I’m starting to ramble a bit away from the point of who the best chiropractor in Gilbert is.  As you can tell, I can’t give you the answer to that question.  You have to answer it for yourself.

The best place to answer the question is from within.  Ask your friends who they see.  We probably see some of them.  We’re the best kept secret in the city!  If this isn’t enough of an answer for you, just bookmark this page and continue on your search.  You’ll probably find that this is where you’ll keep coming back.

I just can’t help myself, I love what I do and am just this passionate about helping you get the results that you’re looking for, too.  I’ll tell you that I also have other chiropractors as patients. Who is the best of the best in Gilbert?  I’ll leave that up to you.  To get started, contact us and set up your initial visit and evaluation.  Looking forward to seeing you real soon!

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Spinal Degeneration On Xray Time Lapse Video

You may have wondered how the spine actually changes shape or contour over time due to spinal tension and the demands placed upon it by life. A colleague of mine and chiropractor in Boulder, CO recently shared this video. It shows how the degenerative changes take place in the spine over time. Understand, these changes took place over years. Day to day, week to week and month to month, this individual did not likely appreciate any changes. However, over time, they did notice MANY changes to their quality of life and health.

Pay special attention to the spaces between the vertebrae – the disc spaces (dark) – as they become shorter in height. Notice how the spinal bones lose their smooth uniform shape around the edges to form more spurring and roughened sharp edges. Also, you’ll notice how the natural curve in the neck disappears and creates a more flattened and straightened appearance.

This video is demonstrating the changes that take place in the cervical spine (neck). These same types of changes occur in the mid-back and lower back as well. One thing to note is the fact that since the neck region is an area where the tissues of the spinal cord have ‘anchor points’ of connection with the bones of the spine, this is a critical area. These types of degenerative changes are very common with injuries that don’t heal, prolonged neck stiffness that isn’t addressed, chronic neck pain and upper back tension that are not cared for and more.

These changes can FEEL like less range of motion, a stiff or painful neck, headaches, tingling or numbness in the arms, hands or fingers – mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome. It could also present as upper back pain, a ‘hump’ in the upper back and a head carried forward on the shoulders posture.

What you’re seeing is simply the result of the types of physical, mental, emotional and biochemical stresses that we talk about in the office manifesting themselves as these long-term, degenerative changes to the spine. Understand, it isn’t postural problems that CAUSE these changes, it is a combination of the stressors just discussed.

Your posture is simply a REFLECTION of – or RESULT of – long-term stress and tension in the body. So, how do you help prevent this? Chiropractic care, of course! Specific, effective and gentle chiropractic is the approach we take in our office to help you.

What this care does is assist your body in unwinding the tension that builds within the tissues and muscles surrounding your spine that would lead to such degenerative changes. For the purposes of this article, understand that this video demonstrates how the spine changes shape due to these subtle, yet ‘real’ stressors of life.

Dr. Michael Funicello is a Gilbert chiropractor and has been serving the communities of the Southeast valley since 1998. He continues to help people of all backgrounds and health conditions find relief from their pain and regain their life again. If you’d like to find out how we can help you, contact us today!

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Can Chiropractic Help With (My Condition)?

There could be many answers to this question. I’ll make things simple, but first we need to get a bit more clarity about what chiropractic even IS in the first place.

can chiropractic help with my conditionChiropractic is the science art and philosophy of a health system that has at its core the belief that there is an innate intelligence that orchestrates life in your body. And, in order for YOU to live life at your highest potential, you need your innate intelligence – coordinated via your nervous system – to be free of any interference. Interference to your nervous system causes a disruption of the flow of impulses that orchestrate life in your body.


This is not to imply that other health professionals don’t recognize a healing intelligence within the body, it’s just readily ignored in an attempt to ‘shoosh’ any symptoms you may be experiencing – like pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock instead of waking up.

The snooze button just delays the inevitable of having to wake up. Simply suppressing your symptoms of your condition will not help your body heal and, in many cases, may inhibit the natural healing process. But, no one wants to be in pain or suffer.

So, where does this leave us?

Where it leaves us is with a choice. A choice for how you really want to address your health concern and condition. On the surface, everyone would say that they just want the pain to go away. Of course, this is a great motivator. However, in my 15 years of practice, when people are offered the choice of short-term results or long-term changes, they overwhelmingly choose long-term changes.

This choice means that you are committing to finding the underlying cause of your problem, good for you! Just like waking up, it is inevitable anyway, but consciously making this choice first (or somewhat early on) will help you get to the health and life you want more quickly.

Ironic, isn’t it, choosing the long-term solution gives you the quickest road to ultimate recovery than seeking short-term gains. The story of the rabbit and the hare comes to mind.

Now, about your condition. Chiropractic has a long track record of helping people with all sorts of health conditions. One of the more obscure ones is the influenza epidemic of 1918. More common conditions that chiropractors help people with besides the obvious headaches and back pain are things like asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and enhancing immune system function.

We could fill this site up with posts about how chiropractic helps with the flu and other immune boosting articles. I’ve written a few of these regarding boosting your child’s immune system and others. It has to do with the way that the immune and nervous systems are connected with one another.

There are a variety of complaints regarding upper back pain or shoulder pain that can also be helped through appropriate chiropractic care. The only way for you to know for sure is to contact a local chiropractor in your area that specializes in the location and correction of vertebral subluxations. These are distortions in the way the spine and nerve system relate with one another. Only your chiropractor checks for these and he or she is the only one that corrects them.

Physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and pharmaceuticals have their place, but do not replace the correction of your subluxations. If this is what is causing your problem, then having it addressed is the only way you’ll find long-term relief. And, this is exactly what you want.

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The Myth of High Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Disease?

Let’s start this post discussing a brief history of how the notion of high cholesterol was thought to be related to an increased risk of heart disease.  So, the story dates back to a famous study (Framingham study) that dates to the 1960s led by Drs. Thomas Dawber and William Kannel.

cholesterol cartoonIn this study, the researchers determined that a diet high in cholesterol and or saturated fat had a negative effect on the health of the heart. The blood level of cholesterol (what your lab test says about your cholesterol number) is based on this assumption.

Not only that, but it has changed over time, but just in terms of the overall level of total cholesterol. (ie. cholesterol <200 mg/dL) You can even check main medical websites today (2013) and see this same information regurgitated over and over.

And, from this one study, our western system of health care’s recommendations for dietary cholesterol regarding heart health was born…..and it hasn’t changed since!

Until now…

Watch This Video

This is Part I, watch Parts II and III also

The more current understanding regarding cholesterol and saturated fat is much different. It is very well understood in current modern research and more progressive cardiology practice that total cholesterol is not really indicative of heart health.

In fact, it has even been demonstrated that in many cases, people with the highest levels of cholesterol actually live LONGER than those with lower levels. So, the most current understanding is that of the HDL and LDL that we’re all familiar with, there is an even greater distinction to be made.

Without getting too technical, let’s get a little foundational understanding on cholesterol.

The two different classes of cholesterol refer to how they are ‘packaged’ in order to travel through the blood stream. These are the HDL and LDL names that you are familiar with; they act as the carrier molecules that help cholesterol get to where it needs to go in your body.

This is important: we need to have cholesterol in our blood.

Cholesterol is necessary for the production of hormones in our body, brain development (especially in children), cell wall formation and health, immune health, vitamin absorption and other very important functions for vital health. Cholesterol is NOT bad. In fact, about 25% of where we get cholesterol comes from diet and 75% is made from within your body. Of the 75% made within your body, 30% is made by your liver and 70% is made in other cells.

HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is understood to be the ‘good’ cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is thought of as the ‘bad’ cholesterol BUT, this isn’t the whole story.

LDL is not ALL bad, there are various size particles (called patterns) of LDL. Of these, the larger particles (pattern A) are thought to be good. The A/B particles are okay, but it is the pattern B, the smallest LDL molecules that are of consequence in the arterial wall.

But, here is the more enlightening part…

It isn’t the cholesterol that appears to be the problem at all, but rather inflammation that leads to plaque build up and coronary artery and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Here is where the current information gets a little more murky. Inflammation appears to lead to a process whereby those smaller pattern B LDL of cholesterol can become implanted in the cell walls and lead to the plaques, which are related to atherosclerosis.

This much is agreed upon by the leaders in this newer cardiology movement, total cholesterol measurement is of little consequence and has little predictive value of CVD. Further, cholesterol in the diet has little effect on changing the risk factor for CVD. In fact, adding in some good saturated fats, like coconut oil and even grass fed organic butter – yes, butter – can be good for you!

Diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors (like reducing stress levels with chiropractic care, for example) can not only reduce inflammation in the body but some research is also showing it can help to change the size of the LDL patterns from B to  A!

What About Statin Drugs?

Well, the research is showing that statins aren’t the miracle they were cracked up to be. In fact, there are some major side effects as the cardiologist in the Dr. Oz clip above points out: increased cases of diabetes, increased risk for cancer. You’ll hear him point out that there is only a small sub-set of people; middle-aged men, with low HDL and coronary artery disease benefit some from these drugs. And, he almost universally doesn’t prescribe them to his female patients.

This post is getting really long, so I’ll cut if off there. If you should have any questions regarding this topic or how a holistic chiropractic approach can assist you in your health journey, please feel free to contact us today.

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What If There Was A Holistic Chiropractor On Gilligan’s Island?

One of my favorite shows growing up was Gilligan’s Island. I have many memories of watching episodes after school and wondering what it would really be like stranded on an island and having to ‘live off the land.’ It’s really the original “Survivor” reality show…only it wasn’t real and the castaways weren’t scheming behind the others’ backs (for the most part), but I digress.

coconut oilTwo of  my favorite things about the show: (1) all the professors inventions made out of coconuts (2) the way each character maintained their social roles even stranded on this island.

Recently, I’ve been really consumed (literally) with coconut oil. It has captured my fascination as one of those ‘all in one’ type of foods. It has sooo many benefits. One of the main ones is due to its concentration of lauric acid, a key component of healthy cell and immune function.

I stumbled into my now current love of coconut oil in researching cholesterol and statin drugs – but that particular post you can read another time.

In any case, the evidence mounting for the myriad of benefits of coconut oil just kept popping up. As one example here is a short video clip from Dr. Mercola talking about the benefits of coconut oil.

Here is another infographic about it from Natural News .


I’ve been recommending it to everyone one of my patients who is looking for a way to add more healthy fats into their diet. This should be most of us, by the way.

While I don’t often get into too much nutritional advice with my patients, this one is just too good to avoid. It isn’t that I don’t care about nutrition, I do. There’s just a fine line between recommending and pushing supplements and products. If something is good, I’ll tell folks about it – and THIS IS GOOD!

Now, what does all of this have to do with being a holistic chiropractor on Gilligan’s Island? It seemed to me that if there was such a character, he would be discussing these benefits with the professor and researching ways to help everyone stay healthy and flexible so that they could have their best chance of being rescued.

Seems like they always seemed to figure out a way bungle up those rescue attempts on the show 😉  Gilligan usually took the brunt of the weight.

Back to the marvels of coconut oil…

If you’re interested in buying it, there are several sources online (the Dr. Mercola link above will take you to his site, where he sells his own products). There are also a host of other distributors online.

My family gets ours from the local Trader Joe’s right by my office. Their price is very reasonable and you get a cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. Their organic coconut oil has all of the components you’re looking for.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to address them. Best coconut-y wishes!

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How Can Chiropractic Help Your Immune System Fight the Flu?

I’ve been writing more, lately, about how chiropractic care can enhance the function of your immune system. At first, this may sound bizarre. I mean, how does your back affect your immune system and its ability to fight off the flu or other colds? As you’ll see, there’s a whole lot more to the story.

influenza virusIn fact, even colleagues of mine have never heard of the utilization of chiropractic care during the great flu epidemic of 1918 – sometimes called the Spanish Flu. This was a scary time in our history when many people of all ages and backgrounds died from the flu and/or complications around the world. An estimated 20 million worldwide and 500,000 in the U.S.

It also happened to be a time when chiropractic, at only about 23 years old, was constantly under attack from the established medical field as quackery and all the rest. It put the profession in a tough place and it wasn’t clear what would come of it.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 helped change all that for chiropractic.

You see, what happened was that there was a stark difference in death rates among people being seen by medical doctors versus chiropractors. Here were the stats from Iowa…

  • Medical doctors lost 1 out of every 15 patients with influenza
  • Chiropractors lost 1 out of every 910
  • Nationally, chiropractors lost 1 out of 866

chiropractic-adjustment-bjChiropractors in nearby states began going door-to-door adjusting people who needed help. Word quickly spread and soon we were being called ‘flu doctors’. Imagine that!

Now, to be fair, it wasn’t well understood how to medically treat this condition with any real results (obviously from the death rates), but there was something going on with those people having their spines adjusted. What was it?

We now know how to better explain what was happening. It was in 1975 that Dr. Robert Ader coined the term psychoneuroimmunology to describe the process whereby our thoughts affect our health. The main tenet of this being stress and its relationship to the immune system.

It’s now well understood that the nerve and immune systems are intimately connected at their most basic cellular level. There are also hormonal and chemical messages and signals that keep these systems in communication with one another.

The chiropractic adjustment was never a treatment for influenza!

The adjustment was meant to restore proper function and integrity to the nervous system by way of its relationship with the spine. The spine and nervous system are connected via connective tissues and ligaments. The spine also has many smaller postural muscles that are under the control of signals from branches of the autonomic nervous system that regulate the way our body responds to stress.

So, by way of having more flexibility and ease in the spine and spinal tissues, the nerve system is allowed to function at its most effective and optimal way. This relationship influences the way that our body can adapt to the environment and our immune systems can fight disease.

Chiropractic not only helps people have stronger immune systems, but can also help people with fibromyalgia, headaches, IBS, and a variety of other complaints. For more information regarding how chiropractic care can help you, contact us today! Naturally, we look forward to helping you!


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How Can You Boost Your Child’s Immune System?

There is more and more evidence that there is a greater impact to our health and vitality by enhancing our own immune system naturally, rather than through synthetic means (ie. vaccinations). There is a greater advantage to having your body’s own natural immunity mount a defense against any bacterial or viral threat over trying to ‘trick’ your immune system into producing antibodies via an injection that bypasses all of your body’s natural defense mechanisms (skin, tissue, nasal and oral passages, etc.)

Do you think that this is equally important – if not more – for your child?

Your child’s immune system is developing in amazing ways from very early in life. It is a critical time, for many reasons, to support your child’s body in developing a healthy and vibrant immune system that is capable of warding off disease and infection.

You may not be aware of the way in which the nervous system and immune system are connected and how they interact. When your child is first born and for the first 6 months of life, they are afforded passive immunity through the breast milk of their mother.

This breast milk has many factors that are helping the child to develop their OWN immune system, capable of adapting to the viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that they will encounter in their world. Exposure both strengthens and protects the immune system.

For a great overview and understanding of of how you can boost your child’s immune system, watch this great video below.

Our office mission is to help as many people as possible, especially kids. If you know anyone with children who has not had their child checked for spinal or vertebral subluxations, we would appreciate your help in guiding them to a chiropractor who can provide them with this most important childhood checkup.

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Does A Popping Sound Mean Your Spine Was Misaligned?

In another post, I talked about what makes that popping or ‘cracking’ sound when the spine is adjusted in a more traditional way. You can read more about that here. You may have figured that since a popping sound happened when your spine was adjusted, that a correction was made. Right?


This artwork is titled “The Feeling of Alignment”

The real question is, “does a popping sound mean that your spine was misaligned in the first place?”

The answer to this question is a resounding NO. Just because your body makes a sound when adjusted, this does not necessarily mean that your spine was misaligned. Further, it doesn’t mean that it was corrected (if misaligned) by hearing the popping sound.


So, what does all this mean? Is chiropractic a sham? No, appropriate chiropractic care delivered through the hands of a trained doctor of chiropractic continues to help millions of people each year. This has been the case since its discovery and development in 1895.

What it means is simply that the popping or ‘cracking’ sound has nothing to do with how chiropractic benefits you.

This is why there are many techniques that utilize more light force approaches and applications. You don’t need more force to help the spine correct its dysfunctional patterns.

As a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner here in Gilbert, AZ, people find great relief in learning that they can still benefit from chiropractic without the fear of that popping and cracking of their spine. This is especially true with the neck area. For this and other reasons, people suffering with headaches find great relief at Infinite Healing Arts.

To summarize the point, find a great chiropractor that has the experience to assess for spinal subluxations (dysfunctional areas of the spine) and utilizes an approach that you trust or feel comfortable with. Some people are more comfortable with an adjustment that makes a sound because they are used to it.

However, if you’ve never seen a chiropractor or have reservations about it being too harsh or forceful, then you should explore a more gentler technique. It might be just what you were looking for all along. Contact us if you’d like more information or if you’re ready to schedule your initial consultation and evaluation.

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What Pops or Cracks With A Chiropractic Adjustment?

As a chiropractor, I’m often asked about what I do. How does someone’s back relate to overall health (read this) and often the question comes up about the ‘cracking’ sound. Well, for some reason, it never occurred to me before now to address this question in a blog post….until now.

chiropractic adjustment

This cereal will “snap, crackle and pop”, your spine doesn’t.

What Cracks?

It wouldn’t be fair to go on with the answer without giving a little bit of anatomy, it will help make the point more clear. So, the joints of the spine – the points where each spinal bone, or vertebra connect with one another – are of a special type. They are called synovial joints, the disc is another type of joint but not the topic of this particular post.


Inside of synovial joints, there is a lining that is responsible for producing a fluid that lubricates the surfaces of the joints. There are gases, like nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen within the fluid as well. The joint surfaces themselves are also covered in a smooth substance that allows for a very easy gliding movement.

Now, your knuckles also have a very similar joint structure – the reason I mention this will make sense in a moment.

As the joints are stretched to the max of their normal range of motion through bending flexing or twisting, then just slightly beyond, a vacuum within the joint space is created. This vacuum causes those gases inside the synovial fluid (mentioned above) to be released and it causes a popping sound. This release of gas is what you hear as the ‘crack’ or pop inside your joint.

It isn’t caused by bones hitting each other, ligaments snapping or any other scary event. It’s just gas being released. It’s the same thing that happens in your knuckles if you ‘pop your knuckles’. Having a licensed chiropractor do this will not damage your spine. It will not lead to early arthritis or other things you may have heard either.

If you want to find out why a chiropractic adjustment may or may not cause your spine to ‘pop’ and whether this has anything to do with being misaligned, read more here

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How A Rigid Spine Reflects A Rigid Life

You’ve probably never thought about it this way, it is true, nevertheless. In this article, we’ll explore why and you’ll have a better understanding of how it works. We will also dive into a little bit of anatomy, so hold on!

rigid spine

Sometimes, having a ‘rigid spine’, like that of this structure, is a good thing. When it comes to YOUR spine, it’s not.

If you happen to stumble upon this our site simply looking for a chiropractor in Gilbert, then this particular post may seem strange. However, take the time to pay attention to the message and you’ll agree with the end result.

So, how does a rigid spine reflect a rigid life?

I’m so glad you asked..

Let’s take a brief step back to go over a smidge of anatomy – it will make this post much more clear.


There are just a few structures to appreciate here. Namely, the spinal cord/spinal cord connective tissue, vertebrae and the spinal postural muscles. The vertebrae are stacked upon one another, space with discs. The spinal cord travels within the tube that the vertebrae create, anchored to the spinal bones themselves with special connective tissue. Finally, there are smaller muscles that surround the spine, giving it the ability to move and for postural support.

Now, these small postural muscles have nerve fiber communication with the sympathetic branch of our nervous system. This branch is often called the ‘fight or flight’ branch.When your body experiences stress, this system fires and those smaller muscles contract and become more tense.

This is a normal and welcomed response to real stress that your body is preparing for. It can  also be what your body does in response to ‘small’ events that were simply too much for you to handle. Maybe, your body was already storing so much tension that it couldn’t take on any more.

Because of this relationship between your anatomy and your response to stress, the events in your life will show up in your body. In other words, the stress you experience in life becomes ‘crystallized’ into your physiology.

Eventually, this WILL lead to some sort of symptoms beyond just the rigidity or muscle tension. You may start to notice symptoms, like headaches, fatigue, GI complaints, high blood pressure, anxiety and whole body syndromes, like fibromyalgia.

The more ‘rigid’ or inflexible your life seems to be for you, the more likely that you’ll find yourself ‘stiffening up’ to meet the demands of this life.

Free your spine and nerve system from this stress and tension and free up your life to a new possibility  of health and well being!

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What Does A Chiropractor Feel For In Your Back?

Like most fields, when you are in them long enough, you tend to lose touch with what people might be curious about. This has certainly been true for me, so I want to help explain and make more clear what I’m actually feeling in your body as I run my hands over your spine.

manos de diosNow, keep in mind, I’ve been at this since 1998. So, much of what I feel now is almost by instinct than it is conscious thought. In other words, there’s a certain level of skill that must first be learned consciously before it can be part of or an extension of one’s self.

With that said, let’s discuss what I’m feeling and why.


In your body, there are many tissues that are affected by and related with tension as it arises from you trying to adapt as effectively as you can to the various stresses of life. Your body has an innate (inborn) intelligence that is coordinated in your body via your nerve system. This coordination is processed via nerve impulses being sent through your body by way of your central nervous system – your brain and spinal cord.

Interference to this communication pathway will lead to areas of tension, rigidity, spasm and other findings in the spinal and related tissues. Because these tissues run the full length of your spine from the base of your skull to the base of your spine and tailbone, this is what I’m feeling.


The muscles should have a suppleness and pliability about them. They should NOT feel rigid, tense, ropey, stringy, taught or otherwise spastic.


The spine is connected via ligaments and smaller postural muscles, deep within the spine itself. These smaller muscles have nerve innervation to them that can cause them to become tight or rigid under stress. When this happens, the spine will feel tense or rigid.


Ranges of motion will be limited and movement will be restricted in areas of higher muscle tension or fixed spinal segments.

Now, in terms of the overall ‘feel’ of your spine, it will take on a more defended and protective posture. In fact, your posture will reflect the degree to which your body has had to adapt to protect itself – and YOU – over the years.

As the tension in your spine, spinal tissues and body begins to unwind, your body will take on a more supple, relaxed and more graceful shape and tone. This is the natural result of having your nerve system more at ease, in a more open and flexible and adaptable state.

This leads to more effective communication and transmission of nerve impulses between brain and body. Do you think this is a healthier state to be in? If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Gilbert, I’d be happy to sit with you and discuss your health concerns and challenges and help lay out a plan of care to help you. Please contact us today, we look forwarding to helping you.

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How Do You Know When You’re Done with Chiropractic?

This question falls into the “I never hear this question, but know my patients are wondering” category. After all, it’s what I would probably be wondering, too, if I didn’t have the knowledge I have in this field. So, rather than make this some technical discussion about chiropractic and how it works, I’m going to make it simple.

When Are You Finished With Chiropractic?

finish lineThere are essentially 2 -3 (depending on how you count) general categories or types of care. They are Recovery, Correction and Wellness. Recovery and Correction could be categorized into one aspect of care that relates with symptoms or dysfunction. Wellness aspects of care are of a more growth nature. Depending on your health care goals, you will fit into one or more of these categories.


Another way to look at this is to think of why you might be starting care in our office in the first place. Most people come to us with some sort of health condition or concern. As we sit during your initial evaluation and consultation, combined with your thorough exam, we develop a better understanding of what is happening with you and why.

This is really your most critical visit in our office. What’s going on with you is not okay and we need to figure out how to help you discover what is underlying your issue and how to proceed to correct it. Once we’ve done this and laid out your recommended chiropractic care plan, you will have the opportunity of beginning care.

Your physical aches and pains will likely lessen within the first few visits to weeks of care as they do for most people in our office. However, this does NOT mean that full correction has taken place.

Symptoms like headaches, tingling and numbness, pain, tension and other things like anxiety or gastrointestinal complaints are indicators that a change is needed. Just because they start to disappear does not mean that your underlying issue has been corrected fully.

It’s an exciting and great place to start, but if you want lasting change, the corrective phase of care is important. This stage can last several months and it will require your dedication and assistance in making other lifestyle changes.

Once you are feeling fantastic again and we’ve addressed the underlying issues, we will recommend some sort of plan of care that will allow you to continue to grow and develop strategies for remaining healthy and well. In this wellness stage of care, we are often seeing you less frequently.

At this point, you could use the analogy of this care being like a healthy diet, pure water, regular exercise, brushing your teeth, regularly showering or bathing and the like. In other words, your chiropractic care is a part of your normal routine for you take care of yourself to be as healthy and well as you want to feel.

So, to answer the original question, you’re done with chiropractic when you no longer wish to receive its many benefits. It isn’t that your bones have slipped out of place and they just need to be ‘put back’, end of story. That’s more of a fairy tale or fiction than based in the reality of how your body really functions.

Of course, how long you wish to remain in care is always up to you. Our monthly plans allow our patients to receive care for their whole family for less than a car payment in most cases. If you’re interested in learning more about our Gilbert chiropractic office, simply contact us today.

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