Breath and Body Awareness Exercises

It isn’t always obvious how our breath can be related to our stress, life and health. On the other hand, we know how we hold our breath when scared or excited and even tense. We also sigh, naturally, when our body needs to release tension. There are also specific breath and body connection exercises that not many chiropractors in Gilbert are teaching their patients.

At Infinite Healing Arts Center, we feel that incorporating these types of breath and body awareness exercises into the care of our patients, as well as in their home care yields great results that are often quite profound.

My reason for beginning Network Care was…

“I was stressed and I felt it in my back for a few years”

Since beginning Network Care, I’ve noticed these changes in my symptoms, my body and my life…

“Today we did an exercise where I quickly breathed in my mouth and out my mouth and then a separate exercise with breathing in/out quickly through my nose. ..I felt and uncomfortable emotional reaction where I first felt I was doing it wrong and felt laughter, then I felt I was holding tears back…then I sat up and was told to think about what I felt and as I told Dr. Mike I felt sad…I started crying.  I felt those short quick breaths I take when I am upset.  I always forget to breathe when stressed.”

What I enjoy most and what I would like someone to know about Network Care at Infinite Healing Arts Center…

“I think it made me aware of how I will not allow myself to breathe when panicked.  It was strengthening in that I could allow myself to release the tension without the stress.

This made me feel open and ready for change in my spine.  I felt I was pushing it to move before and now it is pushing me to stop my bad habits (breathing/posture).

It can change your whole attitude towards life.”

~G.W., Scottsdale

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