Can Chiropractic Help with ADHD?

You can save some time reading this article by knowing that the answer is YES, chiropractic can help your child with attention and learning.  While some of the mechanisms of how this might work are still a bit unclear, the evidence through clinical practice is proving it.  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the more troubling diagnoses that a parent can hear.  Diagnosing ADHD can be trickier than a quick visit to the nurse’s office – as well it should be!  The diagnosis has serious implications for current and future health, well-being and treatment of your child.

It does affect boys more than girls and it’s one of several diagnoses that have been on the rise over the past decade or more.  You can also include in this category, childhood asthma, diabetes, and other auto-immune disorders.  Many point the finger at vaccines, namely the mercury preservatives, that are to blame.  Others cite the assault that the large number of vaccines in early childhood may cause to the child’s developing nervous and immune systems.  Truth is, we really don’t know.

Despite the government agencies and other groups telling us that these are safe and effective, long-term studies are not really possible in the way that they would need to be done to keep the variables controlled for.  So, we’ll have to just rely on our own convictions and beliefs about our health and that of our family to make those choices.

As a parent of a child diagnosed ADHD, you are faced with a lot of choices.  If their behavior is not deemed appropriate at school or their attention is lacking making school difficult for them, you are left with options that may take them from their friends.  They may also face ridicule or judgment from peers.  Childhood and the teenage years are hard enough for kids with no stigmas.

If you don’t wish to give your kids drugs that are known to have serious side effects, even if they work, what other choices do you have?  There are alternatives.  At the time of this writing, a story was surfacing around the extremely serious risk of sudden cardiac failure in kids taking some of the drugs commonly used for ADHD.  This is not some way to scare you or create a panic, it’s just what’s going on. This, apart from the way that these drugs are being used recreationally by some teens to get high. It is even sold by dealers, just the same as marijuana, meth and ectascy!

What Are the Alternatives to Drug Treatment?

There are options that include dietary changes, cognitive and behavioral therapy, natural or homeopathic herbs and medicines and things like acupuncture and chiropractic. So, how exactly can chiropractic help kids with ADHD?

Like many of the disorders we talk about regarding children and chiropractic, it has to be understood in its larger context.  Chiropractic works by helping the nervous system more effectively adapt and respond to stress.  This stress creates tension within the nerve and muscle tissues of the body.  We help your child by helping their bodies unwind this tension and create a more flexible and adaptable body.

This tension also affects how the brain responds and what it is focusing energy and attention on during the course of your child’s day. This is the link about how this communication between spinal physiology and neurological brain function affects your child’s attention, focus, ability to adapt more effectively and make more constructive choices.

You might be thinking “they’re already flexible, they’re kids”.  This is partly true, they have a much greater ability to change than us old folks (parents), but it is about how well that potential is being realized.  Tension and issues later in life often arise because these challenges were never addressed in our earlier childhood, teenage or early adult life.

There are many approaches to chiropractic.  Some are more traditional in practice, while others are much more gentle.  At Infinite Healing Arts Center, we offer a style known as Network Spinal Analysis.  This particular approach utilizes very gentle contacts at specific places along the spine to create the changes in structure and physiology it is so well-known for within the profession.

You may have never heard of this approach or know much about chiropractic in general. Take some time to browse around our site.  Look into the research that has been done.  Read some of the stories and testimonials in our blog and contact us if you have any questions or when you’re ready to make your initial consultation for your child.

Everything will be made more clear and we’ll discuss how often we expect to see your child, the costs involved and anything else you may be wondering about how long it may take to have your child’s situation change.  You should feel confident in the office you choose and we look forward to helping you and your family real soon!

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