Can Chiropractic Help With Carpal Tunnel?

One of the things that makes getting proper care for this condition is in the right understanding of where your problem is actually coming from. Specifically, many patients come to us saying that they have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) – some diagnosed by their physician, others self-diagnosed – yet have something unrelated to this condition.

carpal tunnel surgery

I’m certainly biased, but I don’t ever want the people I care for to have to go through this surgical procedure.

You see, the carpal tunnel is a place in your wrist where the wrist (carpal) bones form a tunnel through which the median nerve passes. This nerve is responsible for sending information to the first three fingers – thumb, index and middle finger (primarily). If you have tingling and/or numbness in your pinkie or both hands, all fingers, this is not necessarily the condition called CTS.


In fact, what is a much more common and likely is that there is malfunction, irritation or tension of the cervical spine (neck region) and nerve roots coming from this part of your spinal cord. When this occurs, it is quite common to feel like the hands or fingers are falling asleep – that pins and needles sensation.

With further progression of this nerve irritation and malfunction, you’ll start to notice muscle ache and weakness. You may start to feel more clumsy, dropping items or having a harder time holding onto smaller objects with your normal level of dexterity. Wasting of muscle tone – atrophy – can also happen with this nerve compression and malfunction if it is not addressed.

Many times, the origin of this problem stems from issues with prolonged stresses on the spine and surrounding musculature, affecting posture and the overall structure of the spine itself. When not properly addressed, stress from various causes will cause tension to be carried by the spine and nerve tissues – namely through a process called adverse mechanical cord tension, coined by Alf Brieg, PhD a neuroscientist.

This process causes otherwise normal and healthy nerves to ‘short circuit’ and begin to fire or not fire, as the case may be, losing their ability for the brain and body to communicate effectively with one another. Without this vital communication pathway open, the messages being sent along these nerves will not get through. The result of this degeneration of the spine, postural distortions, nerve damage and chronic pain.

Luckily, this process can be corrected with very gentle chiropractic care. Your initial evaluation, exam and any necessary imaging of your spine will help us to determine what is going on with you and how we can help. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to helping you!



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