Can Chiropractic Help with Conception and Infertility?

Let’s start with the short answer – Yes, chiropractic can help you conceive.  Now, let’s move on to the longer version of the answer.  Many people think or have been led to believe that chiropractic care is just for the relief of back pain or injuries sustained from an accident.  We’re the ‘bad back doctors’, right? This isn’t entirely accurate.

chiropractic and infertilityWhile chiropractic care can help you experience less pain in the areas associated with your neck or back, the major benefits have to do with the fact that chiropractic care improves your nervous system function. It also has the ability to support your immune system in performing its best and giving you a greater ability to ward off common illnesses.  You can read more about these other great benefits of chiropractic on our site.  For now, let’s focus more on the issue of conception and why you may be having difficulty.


How Many Couples Struggle With Infertility?

It can be frustrating or painful seeing your friends seemingly easily getting pregnant around you. The numbers show that infertility affects nearly 10% of couples actively trying to become pregnant. In 30% of the cases, the underlying trouble lies with the woman. Likewise, men are implicated in 30% of cases. So, what does all of this mean and where does it leave you?

For most women, the first step will be to your OB-GYN for a consultation and evaluation to determine if they know what is going on. Sometimes, there can be congenital abnormalities or obvious issues that are making it difficult to become pregnant.  You’ll likely be subjected to a variety of tests.  The problem is that they will likely offer you only suggestions involving hormone therapies or other medical procedures.  If you don’t wish to pursue that route for fears of side-effects or other personal reasons, you are left with little from the traditional allopathic healthcare system.

However, there are alternatives to explore as well.

These involve techniques and approaches that address you in a more natural and holistically-minded way.  This is based on sound principles and practices – for thousands of years in some cases. Think acupuncture as one example.  There are other natural dietary and herbal-based approaches that your naturopath or holistic medical doctor may pursue.

There are also other approaches that look into your whole life.  You may be experiencing very emotionally challenging times, for a variety of reasons un-related to the current stress of having a hard time conceiving – which is only adding to your heartache. It could very well be that you have stress in your life because of work, relationship or other family matters.  If you’re living with this level of underlying chronic stress,  your body responds appropriately.  It’s feeling that this isn’t a good time, biologically-speaking, for you to carry a child. Your body perceives this to be an unsafe time.  It is more important to be in protection and survival mode, not reproduction.

Here is where chiropractic comes in.  As mentioned above, chiropractic care helps your body to better adapt to and deal with stress as it manifests in your physiology.  Your body structure will change based on the stress and tension in your life.  There are many approaches within the chiropractic field that range from traditional to more progressive in scope and practice.

In our office, we focus on an approach called Network Spinal Analysis.  This system utilizes gentle and specific contacts at specific places along your spine helping you unlock and unwind tension.  This unresolved tension or stress can be literally keeping your body locked in a perspective or state of stress.  When the tension eases, your body can become more alive and vibrant again.  In this state, you are more receptive and open to the possibilities in your life.

If you’re seeking alternatives to the medical path to becoming pregnant, this is your invitation to consider Network  Chiropractic care. You’ll experience greater ease in your body and a greater general sense of well being.

Dr. Michael J. Funicello is a chiropractor in Gilbert.  His private practice has been serving the community of the Phoenix-metro area since 1998.  For more information regarding his practice, Network Chiropractic or how you may benefit from this care, contact us today.

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