Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There are many debates occurring in more progressive medical circles discussing the actual origins or causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. There are some standard theories about compression of the median nerve in the wrist from either bones, inflamed tendons or swollen tissues. There are also questions about the whole idea of repetitive stress as being ‘real’ or not.

All this to say that the symptoms of carpal tunnel can be mimicked in a variety of ways, too. Part of being a chiropractor in Gilbert or any other area, for that matter, is helping patients to get their lives back – regardless of your belief about the underlying factors leading to the problem. However, one thing is remarkably clear – chiropractic care helps people suffering with symptoms of carpal tunnel. If you or someone you know is suffering with this, contact us today and see if we can help you. Now, here is a story from an actual patient of ours…

What had you been diagnosed with and/or how were you feeling before you began care?

“I was told by my doctor that I had “carpal tunnel” in my wrists and to wear these braces and take with aspirin and wear them at night.  Not only were they uncomfortable to sleep with, but they never helped me.  I was having numbness in my fingers also.  My neck and shoulders seemed to always “ache” because I’d been holding stress there for years.  The doctor told me that surgery on my wrists would be the only answer.”

What was your first impression with our office and the care you received?

“Honestly, I’ve been totally “scared” of chiropractors since I was 19 –  I was in a car accident and was told to go to one and he made me hurt lots worse than I was.  But Dr. Mike’s voice on the phone was very calming and reassuring and I felt better once i met him and he explained the whole process before he ever touched me.  The office is very quiet and he plays really relaxing music that calms your soul.”

How are you currently feeling and what do you think has contributed to this new quality of life you are feeling?

“I no longer feel I have “carpal tunnel”  – my fingers are no longer numb.  I feel really healthy and I can somewhat help myself in stressful situations to become more really aware that I’m “becoming stressed” and Dr. Mike has been helping me work on that.  I feel that I’m a “new woman” without surgery and I feel that if I’d never met Dr. Mike, I’d have probably still had the carpal tunnel, because I don’t like surgery of any kind.”

What would you tell others regarding how you feel or your experience at our office?

“Whenever I see someone with those braces on I tell them about Dr. Mike.  I give out his cards to people he may be able to help.  He does a computer test on your spine that doesn’t even hurt one bit and it tells him where your “problems” are.  He works “one on one” with you and explains it all and is always there to answer any questions you may have.  You never feel like he’s rushing to get you out of his office either, because he TRULY CARES.  I think everyone needs Dr. Mike!”

~Gina W., Mesa

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