Chiropractic and the Future of Health Care in America

In this series of topics regarding awesome people in healthcare, I’ve come across some great videos and articles. This post is about Dr. Dean Ornish. I’ll just leave the link there for you to explore if you want to learn more about him after watching this video. He is a cardiologist who essentially believes the way we’re approaching ‘heart care’ in our country is broken. He advocates for lifestyle changes, yoga and a more plant-based or vegetarian diet. Shocking! What’s interesting, though, is how difficult it is for these ideas to actually make it to any mainstream medical system in our country, namely Medicare.

At the time of this writing, Medicare is in the crisis stage, both parties are talking of making changes, but neither has great solutions. Things like cutting benefits for members, cutting reimbursement rates for doctors, raising taxes, raising premiums, etc. are all on the table as options. Politically, it is really an unsolvable problem. Some alternative Medicare ideas have also been presented, but lack any momentum from either side.

Healthcare solutions, whether it is Medicare or not, will be come from individuals making personal changes in the way that they live their lives. Right now, health care expenses are highest in the last remaining weeks of life. This is when the most extreme, radical, life-saving and expensive procedures are delivered. As you’ll hear, Dr. Ornish points out that this is an unsustainable way to move going forward. He talks about how

Health isn’t something that we generally get. It’s something that we have already. Just like our peace of mind isn’t something we get, it’s something we have already until we disturb it.

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Ornish.  The idea that we have the innate and inherent power to heal is something that many aspects of our current health care system are lacking.  It’s what makes approaches like Network Spinal Analysis and, Somato-Respiratory Integration and other mind-body approaches so attractive and effective.  If you the health care delivery system to improve and, more importantly, how you can benefit from it, we need to re-define what health is.  Health and healing are an inside job that begin with you.

So, enjoy this video and you can watch others from him and related speakers on that site as well.

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