Chiropractic Care Improves Heart Rate Variability

If you’re looking for more reasons to consider chiropractic care, then add improved heart rate variability (HRV)1 to the list.  While many people (mistakenly) think of chiropractic as some form of back pain treatment, there are many more benefits.  This recent evidence for improvements with heart rate variability is among several that highlight the role chiropractic can play on a more systemic or holistic way in your body.

chiropractic heart rate variabilityAnother study has come out recently that reports how chiropractic care can lower blood pressure and improve cardiac function. Again, you’re probably thinking ‘chiropractic and the heart, what’s that about?’ or something along those lines.  You’re not alone, because many people have not been exposed to the truth about what chiropractic care is really all about.


Chiropractic is for the optimum functioning of your nervous system.

In order to get how this premise and these recent cardiac studies relate, we’ll need to do a bit of physiology – just a bit, don’t worry.  You see, the heart has an area that sets the beat.  This area is a region of heart cells that fire an electrical charge that causes the other regions of the heart muscle to contract and perform its functions.  This region is called the sino-atrial node (SA node).

What’s unique is that this area is under the regulation of the nervous system. Specifically, it is regulated by branches of the autonomic nervous system.  This is the part that helps you digest your food, unconsciously helps you breathe, regulates hormone functions and a host of other important bodily system functions.

There are nerve fibers that feed this area in either a ‘up-regulating’ or ‘down-regulating’ fashion.  We call these the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, respectively.  You could also think of them like a gas pedal and brake pedal.  When our bodies are experiencing stressful states, the gas pedal is pressed, causing the heart rate (and blood pressure) to rise.  When the stress is gone, the brake pedal (parasympathetic system) is active and heart rate and blood pressure drop.

What happens is that stress or tension that your body cannot properly adapt to will cause tension to build within your muscular and connective tissues, most notably those around the spine.  Because of the way these tissues relate with the spinal cord and brain stem areas, this tension can lead to an alteration in regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

The answer lies not with simply trying medication in an attempt to somehow control these issues.  The way to ultimately resolve this issue with the underlying tension on these tissues is with appropriate chiropractic care.  When this underlying tension is addressed, a more variable and flexible state within your nervous system can manifest.  This will allow your body functions to be at their best.

Dr. Michael Funicello is a Gilbert chiropractor who utilizes a gentle and effective approach known as Network Spinal Analysis to help his clients regulate their level of spinal and neural tension.  This means that they have greater flexibility, adapt to stress and improve their life – all while being moree pain free.  You can too!…all you have to do is contact us today.



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