Can Chiropractic Give You Greater Distance on Your Drives?

This isn’t one of those subjects that you typically hear coming up in the same conversation.  However, the truth is that chiropractic is a great way of not only giving you more distance off the tee, but can also help you improve your swing, help calm your mind, resulting in fewer yips and lowering your score.  Shoot, with all this you might just have a chance of going pro.  Well, maybe not.  But, it can still help you feel and play as well as you can.  In fact, many of the top professionals in golf (and other sports for that matter) receive regular chiropractic care.

hitting longer drives

Hitting longer drives means needing full flexibility in your spine and body.

If the top athletes receive care, why do you think they are where they are.  They best of the best in any field excel in their chosen vocation because they do what it takes to continuously propel themselves forward.  You might not be a professional athlete, but you can still help your game excel and also excel in other areas of your health and life through chiropractic.

Back to the topic at hand here, longer drives.  The best way to get longer distance off the tee is to get your swing consistency honed.  One of the best ways to do this is to help your body be free of tension; muscular tension and spinal tension.

The spine is an interesting part of the body.  It consists of several components; bones, muscles, nerves and protective connective tissues.  The spinal cord and brain are the only organs in the body that have their own bony protection; they’re just that important and vital to life.

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The problem is that when the spine develops or stores tension from various stressors in life, the tissues around the spine can become more rigid, spastic and less flexible.  This will lead to changes in range of motion as well as posture.  With altered curves and muscular tension, you have little hope of really uncorking the golf ball, so to speak.

If the thought of chiropractic is either foreign to you or you fear the idea of having your spine ‘popped’ or ‘cracked’, then you can put that one to rest.  At Infinite Healing Arts Center, we offer a style of care known as Network Chiropractic that helps your body to dissipate and unwind this spinal tension.

Think of it like a decompression chamber for your spine.  Press the right button (places along your spine) and feel the tension melt away.  Of course, like all things in life, unless you change the underlying reasons for how or why the tension is developing, on going care will help you to perform at your best.  So, before you quit your job, change your relationship and get all new clubs, contact us to make your initial evaluation. If you’re like so many others we’ve seen, you’ll be enjoying your game and a greater sense of well-being in no time.

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