How Can Chiropractic Improve Golf Swing, Plane, Mechanics and More?

It’s quite simple, actually.  Your posture and the way that your body moves as a result of this are intimately connected.  You cannot move fluidly, with any sense of strength, balance or coordination without being in the right frame.  In golf, this applies to frame of mind as well as it does to the structure of your body. Chiropractic can improve golf swing mechanics and plane, spine angles, etc. by its very nature.

improve golf swing

A smooth fluid (pain free) golf swing is a beautiful thing! Do you want one or NEED one?

If you are interested in seeing your score lowered, then look no further than proper mechanics when it comes to the golf swing.  Look at all of the best swings throughout history, Ben Hogan, Ernie Els, Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk.  Okay, that last one was thrown in just to see if you were paying attention – can’t argue with his success, though.

One thing that these players have in common is consistency in their swing.  If you watch them, their swing looks effortless and yet the ball has great trajectory, flight and response.  Their accuracy is amazing.  Now, some of this has to do with a life-long habit of playing golf.  But, I can assure you that without the proper structure and mechanics, this would break down quickly.

Tiger has often been cited as having an amazing ability to get tremendous torque in his swing.  This is why his swing creates so much speed at impact.  There are many other facts, like his leg position, hip rotation, spine angle and balance to name a few.

Now, you’re probably not looking to become a professional golfer, but there are some points that could help improve your swing and reduce your score – not to mention your back or neck pain, too.  You see, it all has to do with the structure of your body.

At the core of your stability system in the structure of your body is your spine.  The spine protects your spinal cord tissue and acts as the framework upon which your muscles function to move your body.  These muscles, too, receive vital information from the nerves as to how to fire and contract and when to relax.

If your nervous system is ‘wound up’ or holding tension, it will affect the messages that are being sent to vital muscles, organs and other tissues.  You can imagine it as being noise in the field.  Your nervous system gets wound up or holds tension from a variety of stressors in life; physical, mental, emotional and biochemical.

If your body cannot adequately respond, it will file the energy or information from these events away in your nervous system for later recall.  The problem with this is that this drains precious resources from other areas of your brain and energy systems to do their job at their optimum level of performance.  This creates lag or drag in your system.

This tension also is what will ultimately change the structure of your body frame.  Hunching, rounding, flattening and head forward posture are all characteristic postural patterns that show up in someone’s body that is holding these types of tension or stored stress.

The beauty and magic of Network Spinal Analysis, the type of gentle chiropractic care that we offer at Infinite Healing Arts Center, is that it will help unwind this detrimental stored tension held within your body.  By allowing your body to be free of this tension, it can move more fluidly, your range of motion increases, muscles are more effective and performing their function and your mental energy and clarity can be more focused.

This all means better and improve golf swing mechanics and you know what that means.  Yup, new equipment!  Ha, just kidding.  Lower scores my friend, lower scores.  Or, ahem, cough…more skins…cough.  Contact us today at 480.558.1560 to get started.

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