Aren’t Chiropractors Just Bad Back Doctors?

This is one of those beliefs that the public has of chiropractic.  At least, this is something that I hear quite often when I’m out and about meeting people or the topic comes up that I’m a chiropractor.  The thing is, I don’t take that personally, after all aren’t we just back doctors after all?

Actually, no.

bad back bendChiropractors come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part, our philosophy is united around the central understanding that our job as chiropractors is to remove the interference (subluxations) to the flow of the messages that travel along the nerves in the body.


This interference could come in the form of the more common ‘pinched nerve’ syndrome or something more insidious, like adverse mechanical cord tension.  We’ll get back to this point shortly.

The point is, the only reason that we really are concerned with your back – your spine actually – is because this is where your spinal cord lives.  The spinal bones protect the spinal cord as your skull protects your brain.  In fact, the only system in your body with its own bony protection is your central nervous system.  It’s that important to life!

So, what are you doing to maintain its function and optimum level of performance for your health and well-being?  If you didn’t answer chiropractic, it’s probably because this is where chiropractic has really dropped the ball with getting the message out.

There are many ways that we can go about helping your nervous system function more effectively.  Studies have shown chiropractic to improve immune function (because it is intimately interwoven with the function of the immune system itself), energy levels (because tension in your spine and body will drag your energy levels down), enhance your sense of well-being.  Then, with Network Chiropractic, the style we offer at Infinite Healing Arts, there are further benefits associated with overall quality of life, emotional well being and breathing.

So, you’re ready to get started now?  Great!  The move toward more holistic and personal-centered care is something that has been on going for many years.  The last several have seen marked increases in these visits, a trend that is likely becoming the norm in healthcare.

It has many names, but integrative, holistic and complementary are all ways of saying that the medical community wants to be a part of it.  If you were in a dying or fading health field, you probably would be, too.  Can’t really blame them for coming on board.

Back to the topic, more specifically…  The reason that we often feel back pain or get migraine headaches is because our bodies are trying to tell us something.  Upper back pain can be the result of some recent trauma or sport injury, but without some event it can be confusing to figure out why you hurt.

This is where your chiropractor can help you figure out what these back pain symptoms are all about.  They are the only trained professionals in the health care industry who look to the relationship between the spine, nervous system and the rest of your musculo-skeletal system.  Sure, there are specialists in cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics, but do they tie all your symptoms together?  Do they provide you with a non-drug or surgical choice to help you heal?  Will physical therapy be a long term solution or provide only temporary relief?

These are all questions that I’ve heard multiple upon multiple times and it seems that the people that come to Infinite Healing Arts Center are looking for something else.  We’re happy to be helping provide people with the means to change the way they feel, improve the way their body is functioning and doing it all with smiles and hugs.  Isn’t this how all offices work?

If this sounds like the type of care you are interested in or you’ve heard about the amazing benefits of Network Spinal Analysis and want to experience them yourself, contact us today to get started.

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