Cold Symptoms Disappear

You might not think of searching for a chiropractor in Gilbert to help you with getting over a cold, but maybe you should. Did you know that chiropractic care has been shown to improve immune function and capacity? It’s true! The nervous system and immune system are actually intimately related and communicate with one another all of the time.

This communication between nerve and immune cells is what gives your body its natural defense against invading microorganisms and from helping you tolerate stress from other physical or mental and emotional events. When your body’s ability to adapt is compromised, it is more susceptible to disease and infection. So, consider adding chiropractic to you and your family’s health check ups if you want to have the maximum benefit from living a fully healthy life. The following is just a quick note from an actual patient in our office.

“I came in for Network Care one day – I was starting to get a cold.  My body ached all over, I felt headachy and weak, my throat was getting sore.  After the treatment I started feeling better and better.  By about 8:00 that same night, all of the cold symptoms were completely gone and did not return!”

~D.H., Gilbert

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