Common Back Pain Injuries In Golfers

If you golf or know someone who does, then we’ve got some great news for you.  Most golf injuries can be handled quite effectively with conservative care.  It is very rare that more radical procedures are needed.  This is in part because of what we know today that was not well understood in the past.  It also has to do with the newer and more progressive forms of care for the body that didn’t exist before.

back pain injuries_golf injuries

Back pain and other injuries are common in the golf profession as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the more common back pain golf injuries and what you can do about them.  Like with all health care information you find online, it would be prudent to contact your local health practitioner that you trust to help you figure out the nature of your pain.  Many back pain symptoms present in similar ways, so it’s always best to have a good diagnosis before coming up with your own treatment plan.

Back Pain

This is one of the highest injury categories in golfers.  It also happens to be common among the general population.  It is estimated that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life.  If you play golf, it always seems to happen right before or during your round, doesn’t it?

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The common areas are the lower back near the pelvis and upper back pain, between the shoulder blades or in the shoulder joints themselves.  While neck pain and other joints, like the knees, wrists and elbows can become involved, we’re going to be focusing on the spine.

Injuries to the lower back often are the result of poor form or posture during the swing.  They can also be due to swinging too hard and other aspects relating to mechanics.  It can be a chicken or the egg type of dilemma.  It is well known, now, that posture is more of a reflection of what level of tension our body holds unconsciously than any conscious attempt we are making.  The good thing is, you can set up properly in your stance and make sure that you are balanced prior to your swing to help with this.  However, making sure that your body is free of spinal tension is the key to a more fluid and full golf swing.

Pain in the upper back regions are often due to muscular spasms, trigger points or spinal joint shearing.  The repetitive nature of the swing makes it critical that the muscles are at ease and the joints of the spine can be moving smoothly.  Hydration is a key component to much of this as well.  In many areas, like where we are located in the desert, golf is very popular.  It also is one of the most dry and arid climates, so care should be taken to stay well hydrated.

A common form of back pain can be the result of the joints of the spine being irritated or locked in their ranges of motion.  This is called facet syndrome and it can be extremely painful to move in most any range.  It is more common in the lower back, but the upper back and neck can be areas as well.

To have your initial evaluation regarding the nature and depth of your back pain or golf injury, contact us today.  We offer an exciting and progressive form of care known as Network Chiropractic.  Learn more about it on our site and schedule your appointment.  You’ll be back on the course and, hopefully,  shooting lower scores in no time.

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