Disappearing Hip Pain and Sciatica: Sciatica Pain Relief

It is a very common situation, sciatica, that is. And, just as common is the frustration many people have with finding sciatica pain relief. What we have found in our office is that by addressing the lumbar spine, pelvis and nerve complex in these and adjacent areas of the central nervous system, our patients do experience sciatic relief more commonly than not. What’s more, it doesn’t take extreme physical conditioning, powerful medications or surgical intervention. As your chiropractor in Gilbert, I will do my best to serve you as well. Here is another of many stories from an actual patient in our office who was seeking sciatica treatment and found so much more:

My reason for beginning Network Care was…

“I had a lot of pain in my hip and sciatic area after a fall from my horse.  I also was experiencing some neck and lower back pain.”

Since beginning Network Care (3 months ago), I’ve noticed these changes in my symptoms, my body and my life…

“The pain in my hip and sciatica has almost completely disappeared.  I’ve noticed my posture has improved and I’m much more aware of my body alignment in general.

I have been surprised at the difference I’ve seen in myself with regard to having more patience and in particular more compassion toward other people.  I have told a few trusted friends of an abusive situation from my childhood that I’ve carried around for many years and never talked about.  It helped to defuse the situation and I felt very freed from the burden of carrying it around inside myself.”

What I enjoy most about Network Care at Infinite Healing Arts Center is…

“The inner peace I have found and of course the freedom from the physical pain I was experiencing.  The sessions feel very spiritual and are both physically and emotionally cleansing.”

~Kathy B., Gilbert

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