Does A Popping Sound Mean Your Spine Was Misaligned?

In another post, I talked about what makes that popping or ‘cracking’ sound when the spine is adjusted in a more traditional way. You can read more about that here. You may have figured that since a popping sound happened when your spine was adjusted, that a correction was made. Right?


This artwork is titled “The Feeling of Alignment”

The real question is, “does a popping sound mean that your spine was misaligned in the first place?”

The answer to this question is a resounding NO. Just because your body makes a sound when adjusted, this does not necessarily mean that your spine was misaligned. Further, it doesn’t mean that it was corrected (if misaligned) by hearing the popping sound.


So, what does all this mean? Is chiropractic a sham? No, appropriate chiropractic care delivered through the hands of a trained doctor of chiropractic continues to help millions of people each year. This has been the case since its discovery and development in 1895.

What it means is simply that the popping or ‘cracking’ sound has nothing to do with how chiropractic benefits you.

This is why there are many techniques that utilize more light force approaches and applications. You don’t need more force to help the spine correct its dysfunctional patterns.

As a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner here in Gilbert, AZ, people find great relief in learning that they can still benefit from chiropractic without the fear of that popping and cracking of their spine. This is especially true with the neck area. For this and other reasons, people suffering with headaches find great relief at Infinite Healing Arts.

To summarize the point, find a great chiropractor that has the experience to assess for spinal subluxations (dysfunctional areas of the spine) and utilizes an approach that you trust or feel comfortable with. Some people are more comfortable with an adjustment that makes a sound because they are used to it.

However, if you’ve never seen a chiropractor or have reservations about it being too harsh or forceful, then you should explore a more gentler technique. It might be just what you were looking for all along. Contact us if you’d like more information or if you’re ready to schedule your initial consultation and evaluation.

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