Dr. Demartini Is A Friend of This Gilbert Chiropractor

For decades, Dr. John DeMartini has championed the chiropractic principles of living well from the inside out. He has written several books and has been a big hit on the movie “The Secret”. He was interviewed on Fox TV and had some great insights to share about how to live a full and rewarding life.

You see, if you’ve read my office blog for any length of time, you’d notice that there are relationships between a healthy spine, a healthy life and a healthier and happier you.  You might think this is a bit strange, I mean chiropractic is about your back, right?  Only partly.  What the spine is, is a conduit of information and your perception of how to experience the world around you.

If your body is flexible and free of interference between the connection of your brain and body, then you will have a greater potential for a fulfilling and healthier life.  These chiropractic tenets and the philosophy that it represents is only now becoming more and more ‘mainstream’.

Avenues like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other ways of more easily sharing these types of stories, videos and information have greatly helped bring these principles to more and more people’s consciousness.  In some respects, it is common sense.  That is to say, we know that our bodies are self-healing, we understand that a positive attitude is important, but there are few disciplines that deliver on the promise of actually helping you achieve these things.

As a Gilbert chiropractor, I get to work with families all the time.  Children respond very well to gentle Network Care because their developing nervous systems have an amazing ability to process new information.  The care we provide to children and families helps kids to more effectively develop the internal strategies and resources to be sensitive, receptive and attuned observers within their own body and to the world around them.  You might think of it like fine tuning an amazing instrument to then listen to the music that it brings to the world!  Beautiful thing to behold!

I’m so grateful to be able to bring this care to my community and I hope that this video and book by my friend in chiropractic, Dr. Demartini, helps you to discover your inner health, well being and inspires you to manifest your destiny!

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