Dr. Oz and Chiropractic: What Does He Say?

While Dr. Oz may not have the exact same chiropractic philosophy as we do, he has the reach to be in a position to help many many people discover the benefits of chiropractic for back pain and many more health conditions that we discuss here on our site.

I enjoyed his attention to describing what the root words for chiropractic stand for (Greek meaning ‘done by hand’). While the methods shown here are different than what we offer in our office, you can appreciate the fact that chiropractic is helping the body to heal itself – as the chiropractor in this video discusses.

When we remove the interference to the nerve system, the communication between brain and body is able to fully express itself and you are able to heal and function at your optimum.

So, enjoy this video of a recent Dr. Oz show where he talks about the spine and why you can benefit from chiropractic.

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