Frozen Shoulder Hampering Your Golf Swing? Network Care Can Help

You might be an avid golfer or maybe you know someone who is. After all, living in Arizona, you can’t swing a prickly pear without hitting one. And, if you are or know someone who loves to golf, then you know that they are miserable when pain or something else gets in the way of their game. One very common problem is frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis as it is sometimes called.

frozen shoulder

This is the shoulder joint.

This syndrome basically has two different presentations, one sudden and the other more gradual in nature. You’ll often hear that this is the result of arthritis, old age or some other reason that really translates into ‘we don’t know what’s wrong with you, so we’ll blame your age on it’. Truth is, a frozen shoulder can actually be the result of a nerve compression, twisting or other spinal distortion in your upper neck area, but more on that in a moment.

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The rapid onset of a shoulder restriction is often the result of trauma of some kind; an accident, fall, or sports injury. More gradual cases can happen over months or years. This is the more common type and that is why it is often labeled as an ‘aging condition’ even though this may be inaccurate.

There are many people who have a temporary case of frozen shoulder only to notice it completely ‘disappear’ on its own. How can this be? You aren’t getting any younger, no offense. If it is only age-related, then this argument doesn’t really hold water.

Here is why. There ARE cases where the shoulder joint, specifically the gleno-humeral joint, becomes lock due to adhesions and scar tissue formation. This is often the result of damage. In these cases, some type of range of motion therapy, yoga, weight lifting and conservative management are the best options. Pain medication, anti-inflammatories and steroid injections will not cure your problem.

The much more common scenario is the type mentioned above, a restricted shoulder range of motion due to some sort of nerve flow or transmission issue. What happens is that the nerves in the upper part of the spinal cord are stretched, through structural changes in the upper neck and head, leading to improper nerve flow to the muscles of the shoulder girdle, upper back and neck. This affects the function of the shoulder blades as well as the shape and tone of the muscles in your upper thoracic spine.

This situation can be effectively handled through a spinal assessment and course of appropriate care. No other discipline in health care is trained to deal with this issue quite like your chiropractor.

Furthermore, with the delicate nature of the upper aspect of the cervical spine being involved, Network Chiropractic is a great approach to assess and treat these sorts of injuries. When you cannot move your shoulders smoothly, not only is your golf game affected, but so is dressing yourself, showering, lifting and doing all sorts of activities of daily living that you rely on.

So, before you decide to head off for your next round of injections or physical therapy, you may wish to consult our office to see if we can get you swinging the club again. You’ll probably find that you will not only be feeling better about your golf game but your health and life in general.

At Infinite Healing Arts Center, we are committed to helping you achieve your health care goals and getting back to a life better than you had before as quickly as possible. After all, our mission is to “help you express your human spirit in your body and in your life”.

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