A Gilbert Chiropractor and Social Media: How I See Them

In the context of today’s business environment, it is imperative that companies and organizations have a social media presence. At least, this is what the experts and marketing or advertising executives will tell them. Many of these businesses just miss the mark. Here’s why a local Gilbert chiropractor – that’s me – brings this up.

It’s about connecting with others!

social media wheelConnection, sharing, helping and truly serving others is what these social media tools – like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others – are all about. You can’t just build a business Facebook page, create some type of all out marketing campaign to get people to like it and then assault them with your same product or service offerings and expect to build relationships.

The same is true of Twitter.  You can get a lot of people to follow you with all types of special offers, but if you just tweet out ads, product offers and such, you’ll turn people away.


The difference between these tools and print media or television is that they are ‘alive’. They require connecting with other human beings. These people have lives, families, emotions, needs and dreams. Having someone like your page just so you can pitch them more of your stuff is an approach that is unsustainable.

Gone are the days of the Mad Men advertising approaches, ala Don Draper. Marketing and advertising are still necessary parts of business, but the social tools are meant for connecting.

If you can imagine these tools like cocktail parties, then it makes more sense. By having a dialogue or conversation with someone regarding some need or challenge they’re having, you’re much more likely to bond with them. If you’ve never met them, you may even open up the opportunity of forming a new friendship. If you went to that party and just passed out cards, pamphlets and pitched your product ideas, you’d likely be seen in a much different light. Who knows, you may even sell a thing or two. But, at what long-term cost to you or your business?

Why do I bring this up? After all, I’m just a chiropractor in Gilbert, Arizona. I bring it up because I’m in love with the idea of connecting with people. I’m totally fueled and inspired by connecting with people who are passionate about their life, their work and want to continue to grow as people. With the limited time we all have, these types of tools allow us to potentially connect with more people. It doesn’t matter if these people live in our community or state, I’m always happy to refer people to other Network Spinal Analysis practitioners around the U.S., Canada and the world! My farthest referral, so far, has been Germany.

Another interesting point…
The man who really brought chiropractic to the world was the son of the father of chiropractic (D.D. Palmer) and his name was B.J. Palmer. In 1922, he purchased a radio station in Iowa called WOC (Wonder of Chiropractic) so he could broadcast the message of hope and healing through chiropractic to the world.

In fact, future President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was given his first broadcast job by Dr. Palmer to broadcast sports on WOC. B.J. later purchased another radio station in Des Moines, Iowa called WHO (With Hands Only) in 1930. Television stations followed.

So, I suppose you could argue that these new tools are great ways of connecting with more people and to help continue the spread of the message of chiropractic to the world. If I can ever be of service to you or someone you care about, please contact me and I’ll do whatever I can to help.  You can find me on these social channels using the icons in the sidebar.

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