Gilbert Chiropractor Finds Inspiration in the Little Things

Pretty flashy title, huh?  It’s true, though.  I’m always awed and inspired by awesome people sharing their knowledge, compassion, energy and other gifts with the world.  I seek out these amazing people as I’m surfing the vastness of the internet. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have made these searches much more simple, too.  That is one of the greatest things about these types of social media tools for a chiropractor like me and anyone else, for that matter.

What and how you can connect with people can be facilitated greatly by these tools.  I think that these can actually help us become more social, not the other way around as common thought/naysayers might have us believe.  That’s a discussion for another article, however.

What I want to share with you in this article is the culmination of work by a fellow named Luis von Ahn.  I had never heard of Luis until I watched (yet another) an amazing ‘Ted video’ – the one you see below.  I’m addicted to these videos!  So much great inspiration and material to entertain and enlighten!

In any case, Luis is one of the minds behind the internet security feature known as the ‘CAPTCHA’.  If you’re not familiar with this bit of software, where have you been?  Just kidding, it is just so prevalent online. What it does is ensure that you are an actual human being that is entering information into a form, rather than some computer program or malicious code doing such.  It helps keep information secure.

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting…

Well, what this man ‘discovered’ is that it takes about 10 seconds to fill out a CAPTCHA.  In his eyes, 10 seconds that is wasted.  So, what he set out to do is utilize that mere 10 seconds to solve some of the world’s problems.  Namely, he and his team figured out a way to digitize books using that 10 seconds and the CAPTCHA form.

The most amazing part is that YOU helped them do the work of digitizing these books!

Every time that you entered those two strange looking words into the CAPTCHA form you helped the computers ‘learn’ a word that could not be digitized or ‘understood’ before – it’s all in the video.

Great Innovation Number Two

So, now he and his colleagues are set to work on another big project – translating the entire internet.  I hear what you’re saying, no big deal.  Of course, I’m joking – the entire internet!!  Are you kidding?!  Again, it’s all in the video above.  It’s called  This site helps you learn a new language all while helping to translate pages on the internet.

How This Relates to Network Care…

While I’m inspired by people that create such large contributions, I’m also equally inspired by the more local members of my practice and community that share their personal gifts each day.  Every time that someone new begins Network Spinal Analysis care in our office, it allows me the opportunity of meeting yet another amazing and awesome person.

As this person releases the tension held within their bodymind, they are becoming more and more of their authentic self.  The tension that kept them trapped in their experience of pain or suffering is liberated and they’re able to more fully share their passion and gifts with those around them.

This is what life is all about.  This is what Network Chiropractic is all about.  And, it’s why as a chiropractor in Gilbert, I’m eternally grateful for having the opportunity of caring for you and those you love.  Thank you.

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