What Does This Gilbert Chiropractor Have to Do with Steve Jobs?

In a recent interview, Walter Isaacson, the author of Steve Job’s biography, discussed the genius and greatness of the man he knew.  He recalled many stories and tales of what made him the man he was.  A few of these points really stood out to me.

steve jobsOne thing he mentioned that really stuck with me was the way he described how Steve did what he did.  He described this as the way Steve created a “reality distortion field”.  Isn’t that so cool!  What he went on to describe was how this distortion field actually shaped the people and culture of Apple.  This company literally formed (materialized?) simply by the energy and presence of this man and what he created.

Well, this really struck me because it is what the culture of true well being is.  This sense of community is what is so important.  It’s important for new ideas, great relationships and productive teams.  There is nothing that this type of energy is not useful for.

Yet More Innovation…

On November 11th of 2011, I had the opportunity to attend the Tedx Phoenix event.  There were a number of great speakers and enlightening presentations.  I was particularly awed by a woman by the name of Kelli Anderson.  She is a designer/artist who spends her time looking at ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.

kelli anderson's paper record playerThe thrust of her talk had to do with creating ‘disruptive wonder’ as she called it.  What she meant was that by seeing ‘old’ things in ‘new’ ways, we would be forced to reinterpret their essence.  Just as one example, she transformed the concept of the wedding invitation to a functional record player – using the paper of the invitation itself – that played a song the couple had chosen to play at their wedding.  In this way, she helped us disrupt the normal flow of thoughts and concepts we have about paper and wedding invitations.

This is what happens when there is noise or tension in the tissues of your bodymind.  The tension is dysfunctional in a sense.  If it exists for any length of time, it creates an altered way for you to experience your life and well being.  Network Spinal Analysis care allows you to disrupt this process, creating an entirely new possibility for experiencing and creating your new reality.  This is truly wonderful!

So, you see, chiropractic and creative geniuses like Steve Jobs and Kelli Anderson have a lot in common.  They are all involved with the expression of a new view of reality.  In terms of how this is expressed in our office, what I see is the release of old tension and patterns of dysfunction in the body that melt away, opening up and allowing for a transformed self.  This allows for your true essence to emerge and express itself more fully in your body and in your life.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us today to get started.  You’ve got everything to gain and a lot of old patterns that could use some creative ‘disrupting’.  Until we meet…

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