Do You Suffer with Headaches Everyday?

One of the most difficult types of chronic pain to have to live with is that caused by headaches. Or, more to the point, the underlying causes of your headache pain. If you suffer with headaches everyday and have for any period of time, then you need to seek help. Searching online for answers or reliable help is a great first step, but you need to pursue care from a qualified health care practitioner. Headaches are one of those symptoms that can be brought on from a variety of causes.

Some of these causes could have to do with physical reasons; postural stress, physical distortions of your spine, muscle spasms and trigger points, joint dysfunction in the neck or upper back, trauma, exercise and other factors. We’ll cover the spinal relation to headaches and treatment later in this article.

They can also be due to things related to chemical issues; pollution, alcohol, smoking, dietary factors and drugs or medicines. These are often some of the more simple things to identify because removing them leads to some headache relief for you. However, until you’ve identified these causes, you may continue to suffer with daily headaches.

Yet another and very common cause of headache pain is stress from mental and emotional origins. We hear so often how our bodies and health respond to stress and what a toll it takes on our health, but we often find little help or understanding about what to do about it. After all, there is only so much exercise, wine drinking and bath taking you can do. At some point, you need to address the underlying factors that are creating the stress – and, more importantly, how your body is able to handle the stress.

Like with migraine symptoms, very many headache sufferers have a unique presentation and intensity and frequency of their headaches. You can also have different places where your pain exists. Some have one-sided headache pain. Others have pain right behind the eye or eyes. Still others have pain in a band-like fashion around the head. This is often classic of a tension headache pattern. And yet others have pain in the back of the head.

Back to the ways of finding headache pain relief and what you can do about them. If your headaches are caused by distortions to the spinal structures, muscles and made worse by bouts of emotional, mental or psychological stress, you’re a member of a large society of people just like yourself. Constant headaches like yours are common in people who have underlying physical reasons that headaches occur and reasons of stress that bring them on.

Since our site is dedicated to the treatment of health concerns like this from a more natural or holistic standpoint, we will discuss those means. Drugs and injections have their place and focus in more traditional Western medical models. As you begin exploring more alternative or complementary methods, like acupuncture, Network Spinal Analysis care, naturopathy, yoga and other nutritional and energy-based practices, you will find other solutions to your headaches. It is a similar phenomenon with migraine treatment, herniated disc treatment and other spine-related conditions.

For example, as a chiropractor Gilbert AZ, our office sees many people who come to us with chronic neck, back and headache pain. These are often the final signs of problems that your body has been trying to deal with for many months to years. The final stage of this ‘internal fight’ is the pain you are experiencing, in this case, headaches. It could just as easily have been neck pain, a back spasm, even eventually a herniated disc in the spine. Conservative management including nutrition, stress-reduction methods, breathing and body work are all wonderful ways of finding long-term relief and eliminating your headaches everyday.

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