Herniated Disc Treatment Options

If you’re suffering with the pain of a herniated disc, then you know just how painful and debilitating a condition it can be. This is the type of pain that will literally keep you from enjoying your normal activities of daily life; work and family responsibilities. On the bright side, there are herniated disc treatment (sometimes spelled herniated disk treatment) options available to you. And, contrary to what you might believe or have heard, not all of them need to include surgery. In fact, surgery should be the last choice on your list – not only in terms of preference, but also because of potential complications. Even if surgery ‘works’, there are inevitable side effects that include possible lengthy recovery times, complications of surgery and possible recurrence at a future date. There is even a term for this; Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or FBSS for short.

All this to say that conservative approaches should be attempted first. You can also feel comforted by the fact that most herniated disc symptoms are treatable with conservative management. This could include things like acupuncture, therapeutic exercise, home exercise training (taught by your health care provider), lifestyle modification and chiropractic care. In fact, gentle approaches like Network Chiropractic can be extremely powerful in helping you to not only feel better in terms of relieving your pain but may also lead to more of a resolution of your concern, too.

This is what most people really want when they are seeking care; resolution. Back pain relief is nice but is often fleeting. Resolution of the underlying cause of one’s back pain is the ultimate goal. This need not be surgical, as is often assumed.

In terms of surgery, there are a few different routes that are often taken. One is to do a micro-discectomy. This is basically the removal of parts of the ‘offending disc’ through a small incisions. These endoscopic discectomies are more and more common today. Still, their success rate of 85-90% leaves some patients with persistent and chronic pain. Older methods with larger incisions and involving spinal fusions are less common and result in a much greater likelihood of complications and future surgical care for the patient.

If you follow a typical conservative medical approach, you will still be given anti-inflammatory drugs, possible steroid injections into the area of your spine or back, physical therapy and recommendations for rest. Again, this may provide relief for some, but does little to resolve your problem. In fact, many people with disc herniations have them ‘resolve’ or find pain relief from simply waiting and allowing their body to do the healing. Medical treatment often just supports this process anyway.

Conservative management may end up being your best bet. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Gilbert to help you with your herniated disc treatment or other concerns with your back or neck pain, contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael J. Funicello. It will put your mind at ease and give you a better idea of what to do next.

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