How Can Chiropractic Help With Childhood Ear Infections?

Over the last decade or so, much more evidence has been piling up in favor of a more conservative approach to the management of childhood ear infections.  What is a ‘conservative approach’ you may be wondering.  One way to define this is by simply taking a ‘watch and see’ approach.  This is often hard to do and scary as a parent who is living with a child going through such a painful experience.  As a parent, all you want is for your child to be healthy and happy.  I know, I’m a parent myself.

childhood ear infectionsHowever, sometimes in this regard, we can actually interfere or intervene in a time or place that can do more harm than good.  This is the conclusion from some of the latest research regarding ear infections. Back in May 2004, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians released their guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of ear infections.  Part of their recommendations apart from ‘watchful waiting’ was that pain medication be prescribed for most children and antibiotics used only if the conditions persist or don’t improve.

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Remember, this was back in 2004.  Even more progressive doctors and recommendations have emerged since then.  It is now more widely recognized and accepted to avoid antibiotics in most cases, but only you and your child’s doctor can still make that decision.

To help you make that decision for yourself, you might need some more evidence or facts to back up these assertions.  There is also a study reported in and elsewhere that shows that children receiving antibiotics for their infections have a higher rate of recurrence of ear infections than those who had a more conservative approach.  

You might want to read that again.  Children who took antibiotics have a higher chance of getting another ear infection than those who did not.  How much higher?  This study reported a 20% greater risk of recurrence!

One main reason could be that the children who had not received the drugs actually developed a more robust immune system and were better able to ward off a future episode than the ones who were just given the antibiotics.

In my office, I care for every child the same way I care for my own.  This means that we provide a gentle form of chiropractic care that helps each child express their inborn intelligence and ability to heal.  Chiropractic is simply one of the most effective ways of helping the tension that builds within the spine, muscles and other tissues of the body to unwind.  Free of this tension, our bodies can perform their magic.

Ours is a technique that is very gentle – nothing more than a tap or touch at just the right specific spot along the spine.  Some techniques in chiropractic utilize a tool to deliver the adjustment.  Others involve a small thrust with the fingers.  In any case, the force used on a child’s spine is very light. The results, however, are anything but slight.

Something that any skeptical parent might think of is how can an adjustment to my child’s spine affect their ears?  Or, how does the spine and immune system have any relation?  These are both great questions and it shows that you are ready for a more in depth look at this drugless healing art called chiropractic.

You see, in chiropractic, we are interested in the nervous system – not the bones.  The bones are just what protect you and your child’s spinal cord and nerve system tissue.  This protection also comes with attachment points or tether-like tissues that anchor the bones to the spinal cord.  Twisting, pulling, compression, falls, accidents, stress and other insults from the world around us will ultimately lead to tension and strain being exerted on this tissue.

The nervous system and immune systems have been known to ‘co-mingle’ and communicate for many decades.  In other words, you can’t affect one without the other.  If you or your child have less than optimum functioning immune system, then any infection is more likely to affect you.

The older model of ear infections has as its philosophy that it is in the environment, the air or where ever.  The ‘bugs’ are everywhere.  This is true.  So, why do some children get an infection and others do not?  It must have something to do with their ability to ward off the infection from developing.  Yes, the inner ear is a nice warm and inviting place for an infection to live, but only if your immune system is not as robust as it could be.

This isn’t to say that you are invincible with chiropractic (though you may feel that way because of how good you feel while receiving care).  It’s simple.  You are more alive, more able to function as God intended and as you were born to be.

You may think that antibiotics are evil and that’s why you’re seeking out a chiropractic or more natural solution to your child’s ear infections.  If that’s you, then contact us today to get started.

Dr. Michael J. Funicello is a chiropractor in Gilbert who emphasizes taking great care of your body as a way of life. He offers Network Spinal Analysis care as a way of providing this. We help children with ear infections, bed wetting, asthma, postural stresses, scoliosis and have even worked with children with autism and other spectrum disorders. He will even provide care for the parents if they behave and use their manners.  It’s never too early or too late to allow your nervous system to express its full potential!     

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