How Can You Boost Your Child’s Immune System?

There is more and more evidence that there is a greater impact to our health and vitality by enhancing our own immune system naturally, rather than through synthetic means (ie. vaccinations). There is a greater advantage to having your body’s own natural immunity mount a defense against any bacterial or viral threat over trying to ‘trick’ your immune system into producing antibodies via an injection that bypasses all of your body’s natural defense mechanisms (skin, tissue, nasal and oral passages, etc.)

Do you think that this is equally important – if not more – for your child?

Your child’s immune system is developing in amazing ways from very early in life. It is a critical time, for many reasons, to support your child’s body in developing a healthy and vibrant immune system that is capable of warding off disease and infection.

You may not be aware of the way in which the nervous system and immune system are connected and how they interact. When your child is first born and for the first 6 months of life, they are afforded passive immunity through the breast milk of their mother.

This breast milk has many factors that are helping the child to develop their OWN immune system, capable of adapting to the viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that they will encounter in their world. Exposure both strengthens and protects the immune system.

For a great overview and understanding of of how you can boost your child’s immune system, watch this great video below.

Our office mission is to help as many people as possible, especially kids. If you know anyone with children who has not had their child checked for spinal or vertebral subluxations, we would appreciate your help in guiding them to a chiropractor who can provide them with this most important childhood checkup.

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