How Do You Know If Your Child Needs A Chiropractic Adjustment?

First of all, congratulations on being an awesome parent who considers such things!  The structure and function of your child’s spine is one of the most important things you can take care of early in life.  It will set the foundation – literally – for the way they develop from an early age.

mylesThe reason that the spine is so important has to do with the functions that it has.  Functions?  Yes, the spine actually has important roles.  One of these roles is to protect the delicate and highly sensitive nerve tissues of your child’s spinal cord.  This is really the information superhighway of the body. The spinal cord relays message from the world around you to your brain and back the other way, from brain to body.

If there is some sort of disturbance or dysfunction in this system, your child’s health and well being will suffer.  Just some more obvious and common signs that your child’s spine needs to be evaluated include things like ear infections, asthma, spinal contour changes – postural curves and scoliosis, behavioral changes, sleeping problems, bed wetting and more.  This list is just a sample of the way the body may present with varying symptoms of nerve system disturbance.

How Can You Tell If This Is From the Spine?

This is another great question!  Wow, you’re really paying attention. What chiropractors are looking for are areas of the spine that indicate that your child’s body has adapted in some way to a stressful condition from the environment.  These stressors could be physical (sports injuries, falling, learning to walk, car accident), mental/emotional in nature (anxiety, peer pressure, difficult home environment, abuse) or biochemical in nature (poor diet, air pollution, poor indoor air quality).

When your body cannot adapt effectively, the spine distorts in such a way to protect your body from any more energy or information coming in that may lead to a ‘nervous breakdown’ to use an old term.  In younger children, you might know this better as a temper tantrum.  I know THAT got your attention!

This is how kids respond in that situation.  We would too, except we have learned how to suppress those emotional outbursts into more socially acceptable ways of behaving. However, what happens to that stressful energy or anger and disgust that you don’t express?  It still affects your body.  It happens with your kids, too.

So, what you can look for is changes in behavior, the way they carry themselves, their concentration, ability to sleep and feel rested, feedback from teachers and other signs that you pick up on simply by knowing your child.  If you child is particularly active in sports, then you may notice a change in performance or the way they move during their sport.

Who Do You See First?

If you’re concerned with your child’s health, you may opt to take them to the doctor.  Which doctor? Depending on your personal beliefs and understanding regarding health, healing, medicine and cultural background, you may be more likely to visit a traditional Chinese medical doctor, acupuncturist, naturopath, D.O., M.D. or chiropractor.  There are other options, too.  One of the more common is “Dr. Mom” where you just do watchful waiting and nurturing.  This is by far one of the most important.

If you do choose to take your child to the doctor, you will get advice that is going to come in the form of one of the following choices: a) do nothing and see what happens b) get a prescription c) get a referral for a specialist.  The specialist could be a physical therapist or other specialty in medicine, like a cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist (G.I. doc) or ear nose and throat doctor.  These referrals would all be based upon the specific symptoms your child presented with; G.I. complaints, ear infection or some other musculoskeletal symptoms.

Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained and educated in the detection and correction of spinal distortions, alignment issues and other dysfunctions under the broad category called spinal subluxations.  How do you know the best chiropractor to see and when?  Since chiropractors have a unique specialty and can be seen without a referral, you may choose to visit one first.  Most parents are looking for advice with some sort of complaint, like with back pain, scoliosis or other neck and back or headache related symptoms.

It is not until parents learn about chiropractic and how it is unique that they seek out care as a way of helping them and their family living a more healthy life.  This is a great opportunity to start your child out in life with the benefits of a natural approach to living.  Changing behaviors later in life is much more difficult.  Begin now and watch your child develop and blossom in ways that you would wish for your child.

There are many approaches to chiropractic, some more traditional in their style and some more progressive or gentle.  We offer Network Spinal Analysis at our office.  Since 1998, we’ve been helping families live more fruitful, healthy and enjoyable lives.  Contact us today and find out how and when we can be of service to you.

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