How Do You Know When You’re Done with Chiropractic?

This question falls into the “I never hear this question, but know my patients are wondering” category. After all, it’s what I would probably be wondering, too, if I didn’t have the knowledge I have in this field. So, rather than make this some technical discussion about chiropractic and how it works, I’m going to make it simple.

When Are You Finished With Chiropractic?

finish lineThere are essentially 2 -3 (depending on how you count) general categories or types of care. They are Recovery, Correction and Wellness. Recovery and Correction could be categorized into one aspect of care that relates with symptoms or dysfunction. Wellness aspects of care are of a more growth nature. Depending on your health care goals, you will fit into one or more of these categories.


Another way to look at this is to think of why you might be starting care in our office in the first place. Most people come to us with some sort of health condition or concern. As we sit during your initial evaluation and consultation, combined with your thorough exam, we develop a better understanding of what is happening with you and why.

This is really your most critical visit in our office. What’s going on with you is not okay and we need to figure out how to help you discover what is underlying your issue and how to proceed to correct it. Once we’ve done this and laid out your recommended chiropractic care plan, you will have the opportunity of beginning care.

Your physical aches and pains will likely lessen within the first few visits to weeks of care as they do for most people in our office. However, this does NOT mean that full correction has taken place.

Symptoms like headaches, tingling and numbness, pain, tension and other things like anxiety or gastrointestinal complaints are indicators that a change is needed. Just because they start to disappear does not mean that your underlying issue has been corrected fully.

It’s an exciting and great place to start, but if you want lasting change, the corrective phase of care is important. This stage can last several months and it will require your dedication and assistance in making other lifestyle changes.

Once you are feeling fantastic again and we’ve addressed the underlying issues, we will recommend some sort of plan of care that will allow you to continue to grow and develop strategies for remaining healthy and well. In this wellness stage of care, we are often seeing you less frequently.

At this point, you could use the analogy of this care being like a healthy diet, pure water, regular exercise, brushing your teeth, regularly showering or bathing and the like. In other words, your chiropractic care is a part of your normal routine for you take care of yourself to be as healthy and well as you want to feel.

So, to answer the original question, you’re done with chiropractic when you no longer wish to receive its many benefits. It isn’t that your bones have slipped out of place and they just need to be ‘put back’, end of story. That’s more of a fairy tale or fiction than based in the reality of how your body really functions.

Of course, how long you wish to remain in care is always up to you. Our monthly plans allow our patients to receive care for their whole family for less than a car payment in most cases. If you’re interested in learning more about our Gilbert chiropractic office, simply contact us today.

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