Migraine Medications and Alternative Treatments

There are many types of headaches and, hence, many types of medicines that the large pharmaceutical companies see as profitable niches for them to target.  This is all part of business in the health care field.  However, there are also some down sides to this equation.  One of the big ones when it comes to migraine medications is that there are so many.  And, when I say this, it isn’t like 6 or 7, we’re talking more like 50!  Yes, you read that number correctly.  When it comes to migrane drugs, there are many.  A drug finder on healthcentral.com is where you can see many of these listed with their side effects and possible drug interactions.

One reason why you see so many is that some are more effective for certain aspects of migraine symptoms, while others are aimed at stopping or aborting a migraine once it starts.  In other words, these drugs target different phases or aspects of the migraine cycle.  Preventing migraine headaches is not as easy as this, however.  You may find that avoiding the migraine triggers are the most effective way, but you need to know what those are.

So, when it comes to migraine medicine, you need to do your homework or trust your doctor.  In a perfect world, you’d do both.  And, in fact, this is wise, as there are sinus headache symptoms that can mimic migraines and other types of headaches.  Your health care provider can help distinguish these.

The tendency is to seek out the latest ‘cure’.  Unfortunately, many are disappointed when their search leads them to more and more treatments with no long-lasting relief.  There are newer and more ‘breakthrough’ medical approaches where injecting Botox is becoming popular.  Of course, repeat treatments are necessary as the botulism toxin becomes metabolized and dissipated from your system.

Alternative Migraine Treatments

Since you’ve landed on our site, you should know that we offer Network Spinal Analysis care to our patients.  This form of care is a very gentle style of chiropractic that does not rely on manipulative type forces to correct spinal distortions and nerve system disruption and dysfunction.  Rather, this form of care is specifically tailored to help the body’s own internal communication and reference system to connect and recalibrate itself – through only very gentle touches or taps at specific places along your spine.

This is not the only style of chiropractic care that has been helping migraine headache sufferers either.  Other styles of chiropractic, as well as natural methods like acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy provide migraine relief as well.  And, does this come as a surprise?  After all, approaches like acupuncture are based upon a several thousand year old healing tradition.  It is a shame that just because the Western medical approach (with its limited abilities to scientifically study such approaches as these) cannot fully ‘prove’ them, that they are not as fully accepted.

None the less, people who suffer headaches everyday may be looking for methods of treatment that are not reliant on medication for them to find relief from their pain.    In this case, they are perfect candidates for approaches like acupuncture, Network Chiropractic or naturopathic solutions.  Another group of people who are ripe for a change are those that are simply tired of taking one drug after another because they find that their body keeps adapting to the older drugs.  If you’re tired of your migraine medications, know that there are different, safe and effective options.  Contact us today to get more information and to get your initial consultation.

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