Much More Than Just Chronic Back Pain Relief

The following is an email I received a little bit after a member of our practice returned home from her last visit. What is truly inspiring is that she touches upon what the primary benefits of Network Chiropractic really are: an awareness that you are ‘whole’ and not a victim of your circumstances.

While we are both equally excited about her back pain relief, there are so many more exciting implications for what she has experienced. Do you think chronic pain relief is even possible? Well, many people don’t and so they go from doctor to doctor looking for solutions. I think that what this woman shares so beautifully is just how Network Care can help people with a variety of conditions and symptoms but who maybe have some ‘limiting’ beliefs about what it takes to heal.

If you’re experiencing issues with back pain or fibromyalgia or lack of energy or zest for your life, know that these same types of results are possible for you, too. As your Gilbert chiropractor, let me be your guide on this healing journey. Until then, enjoy this amazing personal story.

Hello Dr. Mike,

I just had to drop you a line and thank you so much for the extra time you spent with me tonight. I was stuck in that place of thinking my body is defective and I’m never going to be normal. Your “support” and “care” helped me more than you may know. I came home and tried to cry some more, but no – I’m only able to cry in public. Ha.

I’ve spent the last hour 1/2 in a very peaceful place, and had what I will call a spiritual awakening – I realized on a very deep level that:

“All is well and I am whole”

I didn’t just hear the words, I know that I know it’s true – you know what I mean.

Funny thing is…the pain is gone.
I’m not sure if it will be back tonight, or tomorrow, or never come again, but it doesn’t really matter….all is well and I am whole.

I’m so thankful to be in your care, where as you say, I can laugh, cry, swear, etc, etc, etc. I feel so supported by you on my path to wellness and tonight you literally supported my back, until I was able to stand on my own. Good thing, or we may still be there 🙂 Thank you.

You are such a blessing,
Lots of love,

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