No More Headaches and Neck Pain

There are few conditions that wear on one’s will more than a chronic headache or headache pain that just doesn’t go away no matter what you try. Because there are many types of headaches, finding headache relief may be somewhat of a challenge if you are just chasing the symptoms.

Some medicines work great for this but not for that. In any case, as a Gilbert chiropractor, my philosophy is to help you find relief from your headache pain. And, not only that, but we’d like to do this by helping your body to develop its own ability to unwind the tension that is so very often at the root of the issue you’re experiencing.

“Network Spinal Analysis is beautiful work that apparently works on many levels.  A friend recommended I try it when I told her of my headaches, stiffness, and pain in left shoulder and neck, and depression.  Soon after beginning entrainments – maybe the second or third week – the stiffness and pain lessened.  Headaches were less frequent.  And I always came away from a session feeling mellow and at ease.  With my first progress consultation I was impressed with the changes in body posture, confirmed by before and after pictures.  The after photos showed generally more presence or energy.  Shoulders were less round and tailbone less tucked.

Now 2 months later I no longer have the neck pain or the headaches.  I have a growing awareness of tension as they happen:  I catch myself with a tight jaw and clenching when there is repressed anger.  I am often aware of how I walk with my head thrust forward and shoulders raised when I am “thinking up a storm”.  I notice this, pause to take a breath and feel at ease walking upright.

I notice a change in relationships.  Being more at ease myself, I am less defensive with others.  And suddenly (it seems) I am not afraid to share true feelings with my husband and to express my desires and wishes even if they go against his.

I like my body now and more often honor and listen to it.”

~G.G., Tucson

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