Pain in the Middle of the Back and Shoulder Blade Area

These areas of the body are some of the more common complaints we hear in our office.  Why is this and, more importantly, what can you do about them?  When patients of mine tell me they have “pain in middle of back” I always insist that they show me.  The reason for this is because we all have different definitions of where the ‘middle’ is.  Similarly, “pain in shoulder blade area” type complaints can vary from the upper to lower aspects of the thoracic spine.

pain between shoulder bladesI don’t bring this up to insult anyone or their knowledge of the human frame, it’s just to make the point that location matters.  If you are experiencing pain in the middle of your back, there are some common causes, many of which can be treated with very conservative approaches and home care.


In the middle of your back, similar to what has currently been addressed in my article about upper back pain, there are only a handful of structures that commonly cause pain.  Like with all health-related complaints, you should never use the information you read on the internet for diagnostic or treatment purposes, but it can help you to gain knowledge about your symptoms.

In this case, middle back pain or pain in your shoulder blade areas is most often caused by muscle spasms, trigger points and spinal tension that is the result of various physical, mental, emotional and chemical stresses.  What your body could not adequately adapt to becomes stored as tension within your tissues.

Over time, this WILL lead to you feeling pain, muscle spasms or other structural and postural changes.  Better to address these issues as they arise, then wait until you have problems and have to start there.  This means, begin your natural or holistic approach to health and well being before you need them due to pain.  Consider it like proper spinal hygiene.

But, back to your issue, specifically.  Muscle spasms and trigger points are often the result of improper structure and information being sent via your spinal nerves telling them to contract, rather than them being the underlying cause.  Over time, shortened muscles can also further exacerbate a posturally-related problem.

In fact, many of these upper and middle back pain causes are made worse by sitting in front of a computer screen all day.  We are not meant to be sedentary in this way.  The human body is designed to be active and mobile, not hunched in front of a screen for hours at a time and years on end!  Shoulder blade area pain can be a compensation for this rounded posture and muscle spasming as well.

Another problem that arises is the spinal tension that develops as the result of your body not being fully able to adapt to the various physical, mental, emotional and biochemical stresses placed upon it at any given time.  Your ability to adapt to these various stresses will determine how you feel.  And, ultimately, how you feel will determine how you function.

This spinal tension is the main focus of our efforts in helping people.  The gentle care we provide, called Network Chiropractic, helps people to not only unwind the tension that is being held within their spine, but also to develop a greater ability to adapt to the stressful demands of their lives.  If you are going to be sitting at a computer all day – which, let’s face it, that’s a reality for many people in an ‘digital era’ – you need to be able to adapt more effectively.  This means having the ability to unwind the effects so that it doesn’t take atoll on your body.  If you’re experiencing pain in your middle back or shoulder areas, then we invite you to contact us to discover when we can can help you.

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