As you probably are already aware, there is a growing body of research that not only supports the notion of living a more natural lifestyle without the use of drugs or surgery, but more specifically of the benefits associated with chiropractic care.  There is nothing more exciting to us than to see the changes in people’s faces, bodies, and their lives when they are feeling better than they ever have – even before their symptoms began!  Now, that is healing!Research

So, it is with great excitement and passion that we hope to supply you with information that can help you feel more comfortable making the healthcare choices for you and your family.  This is the same care that we provide for our own child, parents, siblings and extended family right here in the valley.  We know that you make most of your decisions with your heart and conscience in mind, but if a little (or a lot as the case here) bit of research and science supporting your choices is helpful, than we are happy to offer it to you.

How Can Network Chiropractic Care Benefit You?

A study of 2,818 patients performed through the University of California at Irivine College of Medicine showed that Network Chiropractic Care is associated with significant improvements in health-related quality of life issues.  Here are some of the results that they found:

  • Improved PHYSICAL well-being (enhanced immune system function, more energy, reduced pain)
  • Improved EMOTIONAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL well-being (less anxiety, positive feelings about self)
  • LESS STRESS relative to many aspects of daily life
  • Overall enhancement of LIFE ENJOYMENT
  • Improved satisfaction with sex life

mylesPeople receiving Network Care reported sweeping positive outcomes relative to their physical well-being, emotional and psychological well-being, ability to cope with stress, lifestyle choices and overall quality of life.  No wonder 95% said that their expectations were met and 99% chose to continue their care at the completion of the study!

In addition to these benefits of Network Chiropractic Care, the brain develops new strategies to:

  • experience the world
  • adapt to stress
  • dissipate tension from the spine and central nervous system
  • connect with your body’s natural rhythms
  • experience greater well-being
  • make healthier choices
  • create a more self-correcting and self-reliant flexible spine
  • develop the Somatopsychic  and Respiratory “healing waves” that Network Chiropractic is known for

More Recent Papers Supporting Network Chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis

In July of 2009, there were three papers published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JACM) relating to Network Spinal Analysis and Reorganizational Healing.  You can follow the links below to download or print these PDF documents or read them on your screen here.  Reorganizational Healing represents a new step towards the future of health care.  I encourage you to read the papers if you would like more detailed information about what it is and the philosophy that it represents.

network_chiropractic_twistIn late 2008, there was also a nice article titled “Chiropractic With A Twist” in the Martha Stewart publication Body+ Soul Magazine, by Alyssa Giacobbe .  In it, there is a story regarding one woman’s experience in care and her description of what she feels it is all about.

You can read that here:

For a summary of other research that has been done or is underway regarding Network Spinal Care, visit the Research page from Wise World Seminars.

Additionally, there are countless other ‘researchers’ working every day in countries around the world where Network Care is practiced.  This research takes the form of practitioners providing the care and members of their practices benefiting from the work.  There has never been a better time to experience Network Chiropractic thanawakening right now.  You are reading this information now because you are serious about making a change in your health and your life.  If you are ready to experience reduced pain, increased relaxation, and an improved ability to cope with stress and daily problems, Network Chiropractic Care can benefit you.  If you would like to hear about other people’s experience receiving Network Chiropractic care here at Infinite Healing Arts Center, visit our blog.

To begin care in our office, simply download your paperwork and call the office at 480.558.1560 to make arrangements for your comprehensive initial evaluation and clinical assessment.