Spinal Degeneration On Xray Time Lapse Video

You may have wondered how the spine actually changes shape or contour over time due to spinal tension and the demands placed upon it by life. A colleague of mine and chiropractor in Boulder, CO recently shared this video. It shows how the degenerative changes take place in the spine over time. Understand, these changes took place over years. Day to day, week to week and month to month, this individual did not likely appreciate any changes. However, over time, they did notice MANY changes to their quality of life and health.

Pay special attention to the spaces between the vertebrae – the disc spaces (dark) – as they become shorter in height. Notice how the spinal bones lose their smooth uniform shape around the edges to form more spurring and roughened sharp edges. Also, you’ll notice how the natural curve in the neck disappears and creates a more flattened and straightened appearance.

This video is demonstrating the changes that take place in the cervical spine (neck). These same types of changes occur in the mid-back and lower back as well. One thing to note is the fact that since the neck region is an area where the tissues of the spinal cord have ‘anchor points’ of connection with the bones of the spine, this is a critical area. These types of degenerative changes are very common with injuries that don’t heal, prolonged neck stiffness that isn’t addressed, chronic neck pain and upper back tension that are not cared for and more.

These changes can FEEL like less range of motion, a stiff or painful neck, headaches, tingling or numbness in the arms, hands or fingers – mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome. It could also present as upper back pain, a ‘hump’ in the upper back and a head carried forward on the shoulders posture.

What you’re seeing is simply the result of the types of physical, mental, emotional and biochemical stresses that we talk about in the office manifesting themselves as these long-term, degenerative changes to the spine. Understand, it isn’t postural problems that CAUSE these changes, it is a combination of the stressors just discussed.

Your posture is simply a REFLECTION of – or RESULT of – long-term stress and tension in the body. So, how do you help prevent this? Chiropractic care, of course! Specific, effective and gentle chiropractic is the approach we take in our office to help you.

What this care does is assist your body in unwinding the tension that builds within the tissues and muscles surrounding your spine that would lead to such degenerative changes. For the purposes of this article, understand that this video demonstrates how the spine changes shape due to these subtle, yet ‘real’ stressors of life.

Dr. Michael Funicello is a Gilbert chiropractor and has been serving the communities of the Southeast valley since 1998. He continues to help people of all backgrounds and health conditions find relief from their pain and regain their life again. If you’d like to find out how we can help you, contact us today!

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