Here’s Your Spinal Warmup for Your Next Golf Outing

One of the most critical things you can do is stretch or warm up before you start swinging full on the first hole.  Fortunately, many people who play golf understand this and get on the driving range and putting and chipping green before their round.  However, for others, the pain of not stretching will be all too familiar after a few holes.

This whole stretching thing before your round just isn’t about preventing injury, it can also greatly improve your golf swing, too.  The reason for this has to do with spinal tension, muscle spasms, trigger points and the general lack of fluidity in your body and mind.  By going through a simple pre-game routine like this, you can have more fun and shoot lower scores.

What I recommend to the members in my practice who play golf is to follow some simple and easy stretches for the main areas of the body; legs, back and arms.  These are the key areas that are prone to injury as well as the main areas that generate power and movement of your swing.  By have these regions properly set before your round, you have the best chance of a consistent swing and better performance.


Starting with your calves, you’ll be doing some general stretching just to get them warmed up.  Many times, tee times begin early in the morning when the weather is a bit nippy.  In addition, you may not have been up and moving much, yet, so they can be a bit stiffer.

calf stretch

Here is how the calf stretch looks.

Stand facing a wall, you can extend one foot behind you on the ground, keeping your legs straight, press your heel toward the ground.  Hold this position as you breathe for a count of 5-10 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.  This is also a good one to do throughout your round if it is especially hot.  Leg cramps are a common issue on a hot course.  This is especially true if you are drinking any alcohol while you’re playing.

Hamstrings are another muscle group that can be rather tight.  We’ve talked about the benefits of stretching your hamstrings here.  Even just taking a brisk walk before your round is a great way to warm up your legs.  Most of us use a cart these days, but there is still some walking involved and you use your legs during the swing.

Warming up your back is a simple matter of moving in the same way that you would swinging your club.  However, you are just intending to make a fluid motion, just to loosen ‘things’ up.  You can also place a club against your back and hold it using the creases of your elbows or in your hands behind you.  Then, just make a gentle twisting motion with your body.  Your shoulders will be warmed up with this motion as well the practice putts, chips and swings on the driving range.

To get a full spinal warmup throughout the golf season and beyond, I invite you to discover what Network Spinal Analysis can do for you.  Research has shown this gentle and specific form of care to decrease pain, increase ease of motion and general well being as a whole.  Spinal curve changes and improved performance have also been demonstrated in those receiving Network Care.  For more information, contact us today to make your initial evaluation.

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