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Chiropractic Care Improves Heart Rate Variability

If you’re looking for more reasons to consider chiropractic care, then add improved heart rate variability (HRV)1 to the list.  While many people (mistakenly) think of chiropractic as some form of back pain treatment, there are many more benefits.  This recent evidence for improvements with heart rate variability is among several that highlight the role […]

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Chiropractic Care Can Improve Cardiac Function and Blood Pressure

Just when you were starting to think you understood the benefits of chiropractic care, along come another study to throw a monkey wrench into your ideas.  Because, the thing is, these studies are proving that chiropractic care has much more to offer than simple relief of neck or back problems.  Yes, as it turns out, […]

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Network Chiropractic – Life Changing Care

If you are thinking about beginning care and you need a little ‘proof’ to help you make the call, have a look at just a sample of what just some of the members of Infinite Healing Arts Center have to say. You might even read about how someone’s life was affected by chiropractic care in […]

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