The Curious Ideas of David Kelley

In putting together this month’s newsletter, the topic of weird humans and awesome people just came to me.  It captures, beautifully, the seemingly disparate nature of us as both human animals and human people.  There are many times when our thinking, foresight and innovative capabilities can be stunted or thwarted by very easy-to-fix issues.  Other times, there are more complex solutions.

When surfing around researching other points for this topic, I happen to come across a series of interviews with David Kelley.  I had never heard of him, but what he expresses in these brief videos are points that we need to address if we want to create real, lasting and sustainable changes in our lives and in the world.

Of particular interest to me was his discussion on creativity.  This is one of those topics that I find incredibly invigorating.  I am fueled and energized when working with people who have a passion for what they’re doing or who are truly excited by the possibilities in life.  There are many people that talk about the ‘real world’ but have as their notion that this means hard, difficult, painful, challenging or evil.  While we could all find examples of such things, creativity and passion can truly change the world.

One of my favorite quotes can be paraphrased as “do what you love because what the world needs is people who have come alive (doing what they love)”.  I can tell you that providing Network Spinal Analysis care for those suffering or in pain for a variety of reasons is a very rewarding experience.  This work allows me to meet people in many different stages of growth and cycles in life.

While some wouldn’t think of chiropractic as a way of personal transformation or growth, it can be.   If the gifts in you and available to you in life are bound up in the tension of your body, then you will have a much more difficult – impossible – time truly sharing those gifts and passions with others.

What David points out is that we need to re-evaluate and re-design aspects of our workplace and culture to allow for the more natural flow of ideas and concepts that once existed.  Much like other great innovators, like the recent article I posted about the culture Steve Jobs created, David points us in the right direction.  I encourage you to watch this video and follow them to help you discover your own creative energy and insights in life.  Then, share them with the world!

This sharing of one’s gifts is the ultimate of human needs.  We want more money, more time, more freedom, more, more more….but what ultimately nourishes us and helps us feel at peace is love and greater connection.  To the degree that we are connecting with people in ways that help us each share and express our passions and gifts, we are truly happy and fulfilled in life.

Dr. Michael Funicello is a Gilbert chiropractor, one of only a select few in the state of Arizona that provides Network Chiropractic care.  For more information about what this is or how it can help you to live the life you want, contact us today. I look forward to meeting you in person very soon.

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