Thyroid Affected By Network Care?

What’s that saying…thy-ming is everything? Okay, bad pun. The point is that sometimes we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves and we have a lot of reasons for this – some of which are actually legitimate. Some are just excuses because we have some fear of change or what changing might mean. In this story, you’ll learn about how one woman found a not so publicized benefit of chiropractic care – changes in hormonal function, specifically the thyroid, in this woman’s case. You might not be searching for a Gilbert chiropractor at first for this type of health issue, but after reading this, maybe you will reconsider the other many benefits of chiropractic. Without further adieu…

“I had been thinking about beginning Network Care for a few years, not for any specific reason, but because I wanted to feel my best.  With the chaotic schedule of families today and no “real” reason to make time for myself to go, I didn’t.

Several months ago I began having low energy, brain fog, weight gain, joint pain, hearing problems and skin changes.  A blood test determined I had hypothyroidism.  While researching alternatives to taking thyroid medication for the rest of my life, I came across The Hypothyroid Sourcebook by M. Sara Rosenthal which, to my amazement, cited The Association for Network Chiropractic as a healing alternative to taking a pill.  Soon after my diagnosis, my daughter’s gymnastics coach suggested she seek chiropractic care.  Now, as a busy mom, I had a “valid” reason to begin chiropractic care.

The diagnosis of hypothyroidism motivated me to not only begin Network Care, but also be more diligent with healthy nutrition choices and ramp up my exercise and Yoga program.  My good intentions faded during the holidays and exercise went to the bottom of the to-do list. Thankfully, I continued Network Care.  I have been receiving Dr. Mike’s therapy for about 6 months.  Since beginning I’ve noticed ease in my breathing and a higher energy level.  The most remarkable change can be seen in my lab results.  After 5 months of care my thyroid level dropped to the normal range.  This outcome can be attributed to Network Care alone!

What I enjoy most and what I would like anyone to know about Network Care at Infinite Healing Arts Center is Dr. Mike’s commitment to the treatment and healing of his patients.  His positive attitude and genuine dedication to his patients’ health inspires me to approach life with the same posture. “

~Heidi B., Chandler

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