Transformed Human Spirit

Sometimes, there is no other way to describe what happens when someone receives Network Chiropractic Care. Well, in this case, she describes it herself as being ‘transformed’ – physically, mentally and spiritually! If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Gilbert who can provide these types of changes for you, why not contact us today and see if we can help you, too! Now, just read on and see what this amazing woman had to say about our office and our care…

“…a few months ago, I was experiencing tremendous neck and shoulder pain due to stress and tension.  Not wanting to accept the miserable state I was in, I sought out advice from my general doctor.  After X-rays, muscle relaxers and physical therapy, my body continued to hurt.  I was extremely frustrated!  There had to be a better, non-medicated way of healing.

Since beginning Network Care (3months ago)…no pain meds!  No physical therapy!  No more pain and discomfort!  My entire being has been transformed into positive energy .  Through prayer and the precious knowledge of Dr. Mike, I now have peace.  My body knows how to deal with stress and tension in a proper manner naturally.  Network care has been life changing!  The past three months have allowed me the opportunity to experience my “wonderful self” again.”

What I enjoy most and what I would like someone to know about Network Care at Infinite Healing Arts Center is…

“You will be enlightened; mentally, physically, and spiritually!  Dr. Mike creates an environment that uplifts the human spirit.  Thank you for giving me the tools to live in harmony with myself.  You exude an abundance of happiness!”

~Jennifer W., Gilbert

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