What Does A Chiropractor Feel For In Your Back?

Like most fields, when you are in them long enough, you tend to lose touch with what people might be curious about. This has certainly been true for me, so I want to help explain and make more clear what I’m actually feeling in your body as I run my hands over your spine.

manos de diosNow, keep in mind, I’ve been at this since 1998. So, much of what I feel now is almost by instinct than it is conscious thought. In other words, there’s a certain level of skill that must first be learned consciously before it can be part of or an extension of one’s self.

With that said, let’s discuss what I’m feeling and why.


In your body, there are many tissues that are affected by and related with tension as it arises from you trying to adapt as effectively as you can to the various stresses of life. Your body has an innate (inborn) intelligence that is coordinated in your body via your nerve system. This coordination is processed via nerve impulses being sent through your body by way of your central nervous system – your brain and spinal cord.

Interference to this communication pathway will lead to areas of tension, rigidity, spasm and other findings in the spinal and related tissues. Because these tissues run the full length of your spine from the base of your skull to the base of your spine and tailbone, this is what I’m feeling.


The muscles should have a suppleness and pliability about them. They should NOT feel rigid, tense, ropey, stringy, taught or otherwise spastic.


The spine is connected via ligaments and smaller postural muscles, deep within the spine itself. These smaller muscles have nerve innervation to them that can cause them to become tight or rigid under stress. When this happens, the spine will feel tense or rigid.


Ranges of motion will be limited and movement will be restricted in areas of higher muscle tension or fixed spinal segments.

Now, in terms of the overall ‘feel’ of your spine, it will take on a more defended and protective posture. In fact, your posture will reflect the degree to which your body has had to adapt to protect itself – and YOU – over the years.

As the tension in your spine, spinal tissues and body begins to unwind, your body will take on a more supple, relaxed and more graceful shape and tone. This is the natural result of having your nerve system more at ease, in a more open and flexible and adaptable state.

This leads to more effective communication and transmission of nerve impulses between brain and body. Do you think this is a healthier state to be in? If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Gilbert, I’d be happy to sit with you and discuss your health concerns and challenges and help lay out a plan of care to help you. Please contact us today, we look forwarding to helping you.

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