What If There Was A Holistic Chiropractor On Gilligan’s Island?

One of my favorite shows growing up was Gilligan’s Island. I have many memories of watching episodes after school and wondering what it would really be like stranded on an island and having to ‘live off the land.’ It’s really the original “Survivor” reality show…only it wasn’t real and the castaways weren’t scheming behind the others’ backs (for the most part), but I digress.

coconut oilTwo of  my favorite things about the show: (1) all the professors inventions made out of coconuts (2) the way each character maintained their social roles even stranded on this island.

Recently, I’ve been really consumed (literally) with coconut oil. It has captured my fascination as one of those ‘all in one’ type of foods. It has sooo many benefits. One of the main ones is due to its concentration of lauric acid, a key component of healthy cell and immune function.

I stumbled into my now current love of coconut oil in researching cholesterol and statin drugs – but that particular post you can read another time.

In any case, the evidence mounting for the myriad of benefits of coconut oil just kept popping up. As one example here is a short video clip from Dr. Mercola talking about the benefits of coconut oil.

Here is another infographic about it from Natural News .


I’ve been recommending it to everyone one of my patients who is looking for a way to add more healthy fats into their diet. This should be most of us, by the way.

While I don’t often get into too much nutritional advice with my patients, this one is just too good to avoid. It isn’t that I don’t care about nutrition, I do. There’s just a fine line between recommending and pushing supplements and products. If something is good, I’ll tell folks about it – and THIS IS GOOD!

Now, what does all of this have to do with being a holistic chiropractor on Gilligan’s Island? It seemed to me that if there was such a character, he would be discussing these benefits with the professor and researching ways to help everyone stay healthy and flexible so that they could have their best chance of being rescued.

Seems like they always seemed to figure out a way bungle up those rescue attempts on the show 😉  Gilligan usually took the brunt of the weight.

Back to the marvels of coconut oil…

If you’re interested in buying it, there are several sources online (the Dr. Mercola link above will take you to his site, where he sells his own products). There are also a host of other distributors online.

My family gets ours from the local Trader Joe’s right by my office. Their price is very reasonable and you get a cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. Their organic coconut oil has all of the components you’re looking for.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to address them. Best coconut-y wishes!

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