What to Expect

chiropractic kidIf you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, then you probably have all sorts of questions. Many of the more common ones can be found on our FAQ page.

Similarly, if you’re a ‘chiropractic veteran’, then you might be interested to learn why our office is committed to making this the best chiropractic experience you’ve ever had!

First Visit

Please bring the paperwork that you have filled out at home with you to your initial visit. This visit will last about 30 minutes.


This is where you will spend one-on-one time with the doctor and you will have the opportunity to talk about everything that is going on – your current state of health, your health concerns, challenges and more. You’ll also learn why this is happening in a way that makes sense to YOU.


During this part of your initial visit, the doctor will perform all of the appropriate tests that need to be done in the office to determine what is going on with your health. These may include: postural assessment, physical palpation, orthopedic and neurological tests and a full spinal exam.


If the doctor determines that Xrays, MRIs or other imaging is necessary, they will be ordered and completed prior to your second visit.

Second Visit

Report of Findings

During this 30 minute appointment, the doctor will review your consultation, exam and all test findings with you. You will discuss your health and health care goals and your recommended care plan options. If you’re ready and comfortable with the plan, you will begin care. It is recommended that your spouse or significant other attend this visit with you as well.

Why Choose Our Office?

There are any number of reasons for why you choose the doctors you do. What makes our office unique?

  • Detail Oriented – If you really want to get to the bottom of your condition, you must address the root of it. Where your other doctors may address just your symptoms, we look deeper.
  • Personal & Thorough – Dr. Funicello is clear in his consultation and meticulous with his exam. Nothing will be left un-discovered as it relates to how we can help you. Anything that you don’t understand will make sense after your initial visit. You have not experienced a visit like this before to any doctor.
  • Committed to Excellence – As 1 of 5 doctors of chiropractic, in Arizona, licensed and certified to offer the care we provide in our office, Dr. Funicello offers you the opportunity to experience a revolutionary type of care. This requires consistent traveling and continuing education to stay abreast of the latest advances and developments in the care that you will receive.
  • Family Focused – Whether it comes from our large Italian family background or not, you are treated like family here. You’re welcomed with a smile and leave with a great adjustment and maybe even a big family style hug 😉 You’re part of our extended office family.
  • Easy on Your Body – The care provided is very gentle, safe and effective for adults and kids alike. You might say that we’re providing the future of chiropractic, today!