Where Do Your Lower Back and Organs Meet?

In the lower back region of your body – your spine – is where the nerves exist that control the function to your lower abdomen organs, sexual organs and also sensation and motor function to your legs and feet. So, you might be curious to know how subluxations in your lower back can affect the function of your nerves and their ability relay the messages necessary for optimal function to your organs and legs.

spine imageMuch like in the upper back region, the nerves exit the spinal cord through the openings between your spinal bones and then regulate function to the tissues that are innervated by those nerves. In other words, all the cells, tissues and organs in your body need the nerves to send their messages and regulation to function properly. Without proper nerve communication, your body will not function at 100% and your health will suffer.


Now, if the affected nerves (subluxations) interfere with the function of your legs, you may notice cramping, low back pain or tingling and numbness.  If this progresses, you may even notice a weakness and inability to move your leg and feet properly.  Sometimes, this shows up as frequent tripping, falls or a type of slapping of your foot on the ground as you walk. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, it’s time to get it checked out! Like, yesterday!!

These are serious indications that your body is shutting down. It is also imperative to make sure that your nerves are functioning at their best because it is these SAME NERVES that coordinate function among the organs in your abdomen and sexual function.

Recently, the main stream media channels were running stories about how chiropractic care can help women with infertility and other conception issues. How can this be, you may be wondering.  Again, once you understand that the nerves relay messages between your body and your spinal cord and brain, it just makes sense that you need to keep these messages flowing freely throughout.

Other issues in the gastrointestinal system, like irritable bowl syndrome and Crohn’s disease, are also highly affected by stress and how well your body is communicating by way of your nerve system. Chiropractor’s don’t treat these conditions, per se, we address your spine for subluxations that are signs that your body is trying it’s best to adapt to the situations you are experiencing in life.

Subluxations in the spine is the term we use to describe the interference with this innate ability that we are born with.  A variety of physical, mental, emotional or biochemical stressors can affect your body’s ability to adapt effectively. In the short term, you may get muscle spasms, changes to your posture and signals such as pain.

These are all changes that take place as your body attempts to keep you ‘safe and protected’ from what you could not effectively adapt to at the time the stressors happened.  However, if you do not correct these underlying issues and subluxations, your health will suffer and you will end up with more chronic pain and long term consequences you certainly don’t want to entertain.

Dr. Mike is a chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ and helps many people living with a variety of conditions and health concerns. If you’d like to talk with him regarding your health concern, please feel free to contact our office to schedule your initial consultation and exam. We look forward to helping you get your life back soon.

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