Simple Wrist and Forearm Strengthening Exercise for Golf

This article, as you’ll notice is quite a bit shorter than others on our site. The reason for this is because this wrist and forearm strengthening exercise is best demonstrated, rather than described in words. Just in case there are some issues with the video link, I’ll describe it here first.

Basically, you’ll be using a twisting motion with your hands and wrists, like you are wringing out a wet towel. The difference is that this is a bar or dowel with a weight attached. The weight is what helps to build up the muscles in your forearms and wrists.

You want to ensure that you do these exercises with proper form and enough rest to avoid a repetitive stress injury or bring on carpal tunnel like symptoms. The wrist roller pictured in the video is a factory built variety, but you could just as easily devise your own with a little ingenuity.

As always, make sure you know what you’re doing before starting any strength and conditioning program. For help with keeping your spine and body free from tension, pain or distortion that could otherwise hinder your performance, consider Infinite Healing Arts Center as your place to receive Network Spinal Analysis care. To learn more about this care, visit our research page.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today and make your initial evaluation visit.

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