Wondering Why You Have Wrist Pain or Numbness Holding Your Golf Club?

If you are experiencing tingling or numbness in your hands when holding your golf clubs, there are a few possible explanations. One of the most common is due to nerve compression, stretching or other distortion, causing these pins and needles in your wrists or hands.  Very often, this is not always associated with any wrist pain. Is it carpal tunnel syndrome?  Can these be treated with conservative approaches? We’ll discuss these points and YES, there are non-invasive, drug-free approaches that work great.

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Having wrist pain and difficulty holding your golf club is bad. Chiropractic is good.

It is a very similar scenario as it would be if you were experiencing these same symptoms while sitting at your desk in the office.  Another possible scenario involves circulatory issues with the blood vessels of the arms or hands.  There can be more systemic issues at play, such as diabetes, as well.

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In order to know what situation you are facing, it is best to have your health care practitioner do an assessment.  Ruling out the circulatory and metabolic disorders is a good step if this situation is recurring or if you feel you’re getting muscle weakness in your hands, too.

These are signs of an even more progressed form of nerve degeneration.  As with all health conditions, your health care practitioner should be consulted rather than simply relying on information you read on a website…even ours! J  It isn’t possible to make a clear diagnosis without asking more detailed questions of you and evaluating you in person.

Having said all of this, it is very common to have this type of nerve paresthesia it is called in the extremities.  It is common of disc herniation symptoms, whether they are in the lower back or neck.  If you are experiencing tingling and numbness in your feet or toes, then the lower back is a likely place to look.  Likewise, tingling or numbness in the fingers or hands is common of irritation of the nerves that lead to these areas.

Another popular term is peripheral neuropathy to refer to this condition. Peripheral refers to the nature of where the nerves are located, as in, not part of the central nervous system of the spinal cord or brain.  It may also be that these symptoms are isolated to one side of your body, one hand and even just a few fingers on one hand.

The most common locations are the ring and pinkie fingers having these feelings or the thumb, index and middle fingers being affected. Different branches of the nerves leaving the spinal cord in the neck and upper back region are responsible for the different locations of the numbness in your arms, hands or fingers.  The pathway is rather consistent among people.

Slight variations in nerve paths can lead to some interesting findings, but these are not the normal presentation.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition whereby the median nerve is compressed in the wrist area, leading to tingling and numbness.  It can happen from repetitive use of the hands, fingers or arms and can also be part of a neck-related issue.

As mentioned, the common reason to have this type of nerve sensation is because of some sort of nerve compression, irritation, twisting or pulling.  These will all result in a similar phenomenon experienced by your body and nervous system as adverse mechanical spinal cord tension.  This leads to a host of pathways within your bodymind to muscle spasms, trigger points, postural distortions and even further nerve irritation.

What can you do about this type of numbness?

If you want to address this nerve issue, you’ll need to consult with a health care practitioner who works with the nervous system in this way. You cannot get physical therapy or injections to help deal with a nerve compression or irritation issue.  These things will, at best, alleviate your discomfort temporarily – you just will not feel the problem that probably still exists.  The way to eliminate the problem is to have the tension and torsion of the spinal cord tissues dissipated.  As discussed in the article about improving golf swing performance, this is a fundamental way to create lasting changes.  Chiropractors are the only health care professionals who concern themselves with this issue as their primary mode of care.

Within the many styles of chiropractic, some are more rigorous or traditional.  There are also more gentle and effective styles that work through the use of a light touch at specific places along the spine. At Infinite Healing Arts Center, we offer Network Spinal Analysis as our primary discipline.

If you’d like to eliminate the tingling and numbness in your hands or fingers, contact us today and make your initial evaluation.  We look forward to helping you grip and swing your clubs freely again.

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