What Do the Yips and the Spine Have to Do with Each Other?

If you’re reading this article, then you likely know about the yips.  It is something that professional golfers must manage in order to win big championships.  On a casual level, the weekend golfer will experience any number of problems from back pain to muscles spasms and more.  Getting these things sorted out can definitely improve your golf swing.

golf putt yips

Do you have trouble with the yips?

The most common explanation you’ll hear for having the yips is mental noise. If you could only quiet your mind, then you’d be in a position to stroke it pure every time.  Well, as a fellow casual player, I can tell you that I don’t have that level of consistency.  There is definitely mental ‘chatter’ that keeps me from being totally present with each shot.  Some of these same principles apply to life, of course.

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One explanation that you likely haven’t heard – and why I’m here – is about how the spine relates to the yips.  More specifically, how does spinal tension further exacerbate this problem.  I’ll tell you a little story about Bruce Lee.  He was once explaining to a reporter how it was that he could move so quickly.

Lee is recognized as having some of the quickest AND most powerful strikes in the martial arts.  He informed the reporter that it is all about relaxation.  Being in a total state of ease.  Imagine a cat, just laying there.  They can immediately activate all of the muscles in their body to leap over a wall or out of the way of some threat.  Likewise, if a boxer or martial artist is tense, their throws are limited.  True speed and force come from a complete of ease.


Here’s how you can apply this concept to your game…

First, have your spine evaluated.  In our office, we utilize a specific form of care known as Network Spinal Analysis.  This approach enables us to evaluate how much tension or stress is being held within your spine, nervous system and the muscles around your spine.  Additionally, the care provided will help your body to dissipate this tension and increase both your flexibility and ease.

When your body is in this state, your mind is also more at ease.  Since the body and mind are simple two names for the same thing – bodymind – it can help your brain to be more synchronized in its function.  In other words, the chatter and noise that enters the mind is more or less filtered out.  Imagine having that type of clarity of focus.  Do you think that could improve more than just your golf game?  Yes, it will, you’re right.

To start enjoying your game again, with lower scores and more focus, contact us to make your initial evaluation.  The process is rather enlightening and you’ll be amazed how much different your body will feel in a relatively short period of time.  Looking forward to seeing you in the office and on the course real soon!

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